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Nightmare Acres 馃寵

Title: The Harvest Game

In the small secluded town of Devils Creek- the annual Harvest Game competition took place on an old, eerie farm named Nightmare Acres. Owned by one of the richest couples around. Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins!

Built on top of 666 beautiful acres laid a huge castle like building- looming with terror at first glance along with several other smaller building- just as eerie as the next.

Story: ( October 31st, 1879) PAST

The story begins on a cold, dark Halloween night. The town of Devil's Creek is known for its vast, eerie cornfields and an exquisite acre farm owned by the affluent couple, Richard and Emily Jenkins.
- The Jenkins are respected pillars of the community, known for their successful farming business and their extravagant Halloween parties. The farm is a local attraction during this time of year, drawing many visitors from nearby cities.
- As the sun sets and darkness settles, guests arrive in their Halloween costumes, eager for a night of fun and revelry. Richard and Emily are the center of attention, radiating happiness and love.
- Unbeknownst to the guests, a sinister plot is set in motion. Among the crowd is a disgruntled and envious farmer named Thomas Harris. Thomas has held a deep resentment towards the Jenkins for their success, viewing them as undeserving of their wealth and prominence.

As midnight approaches, Richard and Emily discreetly excuse themselves, retiring to their secluded farmhouse. Drawn in by the allure of power and the desire to sabotage their success, Thomas follows them, plotting his revenge.
- Within the silence of the farmhouse, Thomas confronts Richard and Emily, venting his seething anger. The couple, shocked and frightened, attempt to reason with Thomas, pleading for their lives.
- Consumed by his envy, Thomas coldly eliminates the couple, using the tools of the farm as his weapon. The once vibrant and loving farm becomes a sanctuary of death, the shadows swallowing their lifeless bodies.
- As morning breaks, the partygoers begin to realize something is amiss. Eerie silence hangs in the air, and an unsettling feeling of dread starts to take hold. Panic spreads as guests stumble upon the gruesome scene inside the farmhouse, discovering the horrifying fate of Richard and Emily.

The town of Oakwood is thrown into chaos and grief, mourning the loss of their beloved Jenkins. The police launch an investigation, but the lack of evidence leaves many questions unanswered. Whispers of a curse begin to circulate, hinting at a supernatural presence haunting the farm.
- Weeks turn into months, and with the passing of time, the farm falls into disrepair. Its once vibrant fields now wilted, mirroring the despair plaguing the town. The Halloween parties cease, fear gripping the hearts of the locals.
- Sarah, Richard and Emily's estranged daughter, returns to Oakwood after learning of her parents' tragedy. Determined to uncover the truth, Sarah refuses to believe her parents' deaths were the result of a simple act of violence.

She needs help- so this is where you come in !!

Game PLOT:

Twenty- four ambitious contestants, each driven by their desire for power and recognition, arrive at the farm with hopes of becoming the ultimate winner.

However, as the games progress, they soon realize that this sinister competition is more horrifying than they could have ever imagined.

Each day you will be randomly placed in different locations around the huge property!

You will be split into groups and sent to your location.

Daily you will be voting someone to leave the location and be placed Into Danger.

More details as the game starts and commences.

Game will start once I have 24 players !

Sign up: MESSAGE ME -

Reason why you should be casted:

All this can be made up^^

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Nightmare Acres 馃寵

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