K&G's Survivor S4: England All Stars

-S1: New Zealand (Followers vs Leaders): (Eve) [5-4]
-S2: Madagascar (Tribal Wars): (Hufus) [4-3-2]
-S3: Bali (Blood Trust): (Kim) [6-3-0]
-S4: England (Kingdom Royale All Stars): (Hufus) [13-2-2]
(More Seasons Announced Later)
22 People who have played in K&G's Survivor before will descend upon the highland forest of the ancient and mystic England, a country once home to the Kingdoms of culture. There they must outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition, to avoid elimination. The amount of surprises this season, threatens to change the game forever, and turn well laid plans upside-down. Who will make the moves and play to prove their all star worthy, who will fall short of Survivor Royalty, and which castaway will rise to become the first All Star Sole Survivor! 39 Days! 22 All Stars! One Survivor!

3 Are Left... Who will become the Sole Survivor?

(#Londoninoum) (Red Buffs) (3/14)


Conquest Board:



Redemption Island



22nd- (Renny)[renny10]              (Heroes//6-5//Day 3)
21st- (Josh)[jwbrine]                  (Heroes//Yorkshire//4-3//Day 6)
20th- (AJ)[ajwesome]                 (Villains//Yorkshire//5-1//Day 9)
19th- (Kim)[kimgib]                   (Villains//Cambridge//3-3-1//3-2//Day 12)
18th- (Crypt)[cryptspartan]        (Villains//Cambridge//3*-3//Day 15)
17th- (Ryan)[born2pizza]           (Villains//Buckingham//Villains//4-3//Day 17)
16th- (TJ)[tj2807]                     (Villains//Buckingham//Villains//Buckingham//3*-2-2-1//Day 20)
15th- (Demi)[demikol]               (Heroes//Cambridge//Heroes//Yorkshire//3*-2-2-1//Day 20)
14th- (Violet)[violetx]                (Londoninoum//Redemption Island//8-5-1//Day 22)
13th- (Justin)[beastboy]            (Londoninoum//Redemption Island//8-3//Day 29)
12th- (Nolan)[mysterygame]     (Londoninoum//Redemption Island//9*-1//Day 31)
11th- (Tim)[lionsden]                (Londoninoum//Redemption Island//10-2//Day 26)
10th- (Jace)[jclu]                      (Londoninoum//Redemption Island//5*-4//Day 33)
9th- (Marto)[cole225]               (Londoninoum//Redemption Island//6-1//Day 37)
8th- (Leanna)[leanna]              (Londoninoum//Redemption Island//9-4//Day 24)
7th- (Kolby)[thepug]                (Londoninoum//*3-2-2//4-1//Day 38)
6th- (Sam)[sammysosatv]         (Londoninoum//3-3//2-2//1-0//Day 39)
5th- (Ashley)[ashszoke]            (Londoninoum//3-2//Day 39)
4th- (Mud)[mudndawilderness]  (Londoninoum//RI//3-1//Day 39)
3rd- ()[]                                   (TBA Votes To Win)
2nd- ()[]                                  (TBA Votes To Win)
1st- ()[]                                   (TBA Votes To Win)


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K&G's Survivor S4: England All Stars

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