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A group game series, with each season consisting of a new theme and set of corresponding housemates to play as. Set in the Big Brother format.

Every week, an HOH competition where the winner will decide 2 nominees for the week. HOH + 2 nominees, and 3 other players will partake in POV. POV winner will then choose if they wish to veto an HoH nomination, and cannot be nominated in place. Houseguests (excluding HOH & nominees) will then vote to evict & the houseguest with most votes will be evicted from the game. Each week, the public will get a chance to vote for the houseguest they'd like to see be evicted and the lady with the most votes to evict will gain an additional vote to evict called the PUBLIC OPINION vote. This vote will be added to the houseguests vote. Twists, advantages, & powers will be introduced along the way.

1st) 2 gifts/designs of your choice.
2nd) 1 gift/design of your choice.

WINNER - Marilyn Monroe (jenzie)


- CLIQUES twist. You will be playing this game in four teams of four, meaning when you win HOH your whole team is safe for the week. Team AMERICA (Madonna, Britney, Beyoncé, Katy), Team LATIN AMERICA (Shakira, Selena, Gloria, Belinda), Team ASIA (CL, Hyuna, Utada, Kyary), and TEAM Europe (Adele, Björk, Tove, Marina).
- In WEEK 5, the CLIQUES clashed forming brand new cliques. Team TALENT (Britney, Adele, Madonna, Hyuna), Team DEAD (Selena, Bjork, Marina, Kyary), and Team OTHERS (Tove, Shakira, Katy, CL).
- In WEEK 7, KYARY's SECRET CHEST power let her assign the DYNAMIC DUOs going forward. (Madonna/Selena), (Britney/Adele), (Katy/Marina), (Björk/Tove), & (CL/Kyary).


Selena Quintanilla (Nattie)
Marina Diamandis (_Aria)

3rd - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Lights)
4th - Britney Spears (Marlo)
5th - Madonna (doodyful)
6th - Adele (hints)
7th - Björk (dak236)
8th - CL (Stering_Butter)
9th - Katy Perry (DrJean)
10th - Tove Lo (wumblebee)
11th - Hyuna (Yaxha)
12th - Shakira (Zuelke)
13th - Utada Hikaru (HowLovely)
14th - Belinda (splozojames50)
15th - Gloria Estefan (Halloween)
16th - Beyoncé Knowles (smuguy2012)


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