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(loosely based on the book series of the same name!)


Easton Academy is a prestigious boarding school in Easton, Connecticut, ranked as one of the most "top-ranked schools in the US". Socially distinguished by lower, middle and upperclassmen dormitories, the (in)famous Billings Girls stand at the top of the hierarchy.

As a new school year begins, Easton's most privileged and richest students begin wreaking havoc as usual. But between all the sordid secrets and the juicy romances, things take a turn for the worse and the deadly when a body shows up on school grounds -- and everyone is a suspect.


Billings House:
💄Bambi Hadley - PennyTrationStan
💄Lacey Covington - PennyTrationStan [DEAD]
💄Xalier de Luna - PennyTrationStan
💄Aaliyah Johnson - Rubes
💄Morgan Ross - Tommy123
💄Neleh Fisher - KingGeek
💄Rae Dela - Ajathekween
💄Esther Weber - coolKat
💄Tessa Taylor - turkeylover

Ketlar House:
⚽Chase Westbrook - PennyTrationStan [DEAD]
⚽Quinton "Quinn" Harper - Scarelet
⚽Damien Shamsworthe - nateclove
⚽Milo Urlacher - IceBear
⚽Ryan Ross - Tommy123
⚽Oliver Nickinson - coolKat [DEAD]
⚽Dawson Smoke - Rain848

Bradwell Hall:
📚Tinsley Bradford - PennyTrationStan
📚Isabella Valentine - Scarelet
📚Clara Dela - Ajathekween
📚Aura Baccaro - Symmetry888
📚Nancy Bellworks - bigdizzleyomama
📚Mari Donahue - Demgirl6
📚Océane Deveraux - Maya10
📚Kiwara "Kiwi" Akkadwa - Tizian
📚Sammy Clements - smallchild99

🏫Headmistress Westbrook
✏️Bradley Smith
🏊Archer Westbrook

• CHAPTER ONE: Invitation Only - [X]
• CHAPTER TWO: Legacy - [X]
• CHAPTER THREE: Untouchable
• CHAPTER FOUR: Confessions

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