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1840 days 13 hours ago
1- Although this will vary the game will take place over THREE(Four) Nights! One night for Pre-Merge, One night for the Post-merge to the Finale, and One night for the Last 2/3 Boots and Final Tribal Council. The dates and parable times will be in the signups posted with each game. Reminders will be sent out 24 hours before the game begins. There will also be a CUT number in the application groups stating that people will be cut once that number is reached. Otherwise everyone who applies will get on the season.

2- Challenges will be fast and tribal will be faster (bar finale night whose challenges will be at least 30 minutes if not longer)! Tribal will last 5 minutes.

3- If you have to go offline send in a boot list! Make sure to included every castaway in case of a swap. Failure to vote 3 rounds total or 2 in a row and you will be cut. Missing votes will be randomized.

4- Games will be semi mallable based on applications deal with it. Send some semblance of a confessional with your vote if possible...

5- Woo Have fun!

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