Nicky's Fast Stars!

Fun fast stars, 14 players 3 finalists, many twists, 1 winner. Will it be you?

Season 1:

14th: Ashleybabyx3 (52% to Brandt69)
13th: Dragonslayer1234 (59.1% to alanb1)
12th: eric_136 (54.% to LeahBel)
11th: alanb1 (54.5% to Genius)
10th: TayBear17 (53.8% to lexibear)
9th: Justin_Hicks (53.8% to Genius)
8th: lexibear (78.6% to Genius)
7th: Uglyduckling2929 (76.9% to LeahBel)
*GentlemanG debutes*
7th *AGAIN*: (54.5% to con66)
6th: Genius (64.3% to LeahBel)
5th: Brandt69 (64.7% to GentlemanG)
4th: GentlemanG (54.5% to JesseM)


3rd: con66 (23.4%)
2nd: LeahBel (25.5%)
1st: JesseM (51.1%)


15th: con66 (52.9% to LeahBel)
14th: Wade03 (66.7% to Obstreperous)
13th: LeahBel (60.0% to Typhlosion37)
12th: Juliann (66.7% to josiahsurvivor)
11th: Genius (58.8% to WannaBeeFriends)
*RainBowKing Debutes*
11th *AGAIN*: ItsAlexia (61.5% to RainbowKing)
10th: ella7673 (57.1% to WannaBeeFriends)
9th: RainbowKing (66.7% to WannaBeeFriends)
8th: Evanester (52.2% to mathboy9)
7th: opslove (Auto-Evicted didnt get any votes to save.)
6th: josiahsurvivor (54.5% to WannaBeeFriends)
5th: scooby000 (52.9% to mathboy9)
4th: Typhlosion37 (67.5% to mathboy9)


3rd: mathboy9 (25%)
2nd: Obstreperous (25%)
1st: WannaBeeFriends (50%)

14th: ItsKimmiKappenberg (53.3% to Genius)
13th: Conjow (71.4% to LiukBB)
12th: rollingderp (61.5% to scooby0000)
11th: Genius (60.9% to Brandt69)
10th: xxTHORNWYZ (66.7% to MickyBoomy9)
*jguill gets ejected*
*yoshicoolman joins the game*
9th: ella7673 (61.5% to scooby0000)
8th: MickyBoomy9 (57.1% to topazisqueen)
7th: scooby0000 (11.1% to save over yoshicoolman, scrafty and liukbb)
6th: topazisqueen (61.9% to LiukBB)
5th: Scrafty (10% to save over typhlosion37, brandt69 and LiukBB)
4th: yoshicoolman (52.9% to LiukBB)


3rd: liukbb (23.1%)
2nd: Brandt69 (26.9%)
1st: typhlosion37 (50%)

14th: rollingderp (60% to alexxiia)
13th: tryandbeatme16 (76.9% to dawnpeacly)
12th: alexxiia (80% to mradamman12)
11th: Justin_Hicks (59.1% to yoshicoolman)
10th: Matt64 (64.3% to Jameslu)
9th: dawnpeacly (58.8% to mradamman12)
* CrimsonEnnui Debuts into the game (65%)*
9th *AGAIN*: Jameslu (54.5% to mradamman12)
8th: Genius (75% to JesseM)
7th: mradamman12 (58.3% to JesseM)
6th: JesseM (53.8% to Paul41)
5th: Paul41 (20.8% to stay against Typhlosion37 and Brandt69)
4th: Typhlosion37 (63.6% to CrimsonEnnui)


3rd: Yoshicoolman (24.3%)
2nd: Brandt69 (29.7%)
1st: CrimsonEnnui (45.9%)

16th: Rizzo (63.2% to eric_136)
15th: Xx_Legend_xX (73.3% to eric_136)
14th: ThreeDevils (15.8% to save against eric_136 and BadKaren)
13th/12th: HaydenNicole (5% to save in 7 person eviction.)
12th/13th: Matt64 (5% to save in 7 person eviction.)
11th: maturo (75% to topazisqueen)
10th: BadKaren (23.1% to save against Kelly0412 and eric_136)
9th/8th: KayleighWinz (50% to eric_136)
8th/9th: eric_136 (50% to KayleighWinz)
7th: BBSuperfan (0% to save against tcold and Kelly0412)
6th/5th: ThisIsMyGame (0% - Inact)
5th/6th: Sparkinator (0% - Inact)
4th: tcold312 (20% to save against topazisqueen and Mario23)


3rd: Kelly0412 23.3%
2nd: topazisqueen 36.7%
1st: Mario23 40.0%


10TH: CutieAmy (62.5% to Petro)
9TH: Survivoring (70.0% to MitchKid64)
8TH: mathboy9 (66.7% to Maryland)
8TH (again): kittykatz553 (50.0% to Maryland) (
7TH: fishingguy22 (5.0% to save against MitchKid64, Brandt69 and Petro)
6TH: MitchKid64 (21.4% to save against Petro and mathboy9) ( between him and mathboy9)
5TH: Maryland (65.0% to Petro)
4TH: mrcool (68.4% to Petro)


3RD: Brandt69 (8.9% to win)

2ND: mathboy9 (24.4% to win)

1ST: Petro (66.7% to win)

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Season 6 Sign-Ups!
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Ill Un-Secret it after voting
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Oh wow someone hacked you people out
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