T_Mod's Special Fast Stars

Special Fast Stars: Sunday, September 27th. Time: 6:00PM EST


A HUGE Game of Stars which contains many twists to shake up the game! 30 players, one winner.

The winner will receive 2 gifts from an upcoming shop owned by moderator brandonpinzu and a small T$ prize from our games coordinator Johneh.

Nominations completely decided by the players, with public evictions. A new twist every few rounds to shake up the game and make it fair for everybody!

INFO: http://www.tengaged.com/blog/Tengaged_Moderation/6782623/t-mods-special-fast-stars-tonight

30th: JGoodies
29th: DanielKennedy111
28th: ajlikes17
27th: kendalll
26th: iDeath
25th: JoglruLOST
24th: ryanhawk71
23rd: PrinceBacon
22nd: Ethan000
21st: AshleyBabyX3
20th: MissDifferent
19th: Darriusdabest
18th: tpidude73
17th: BengalBoy
16th: RasCity
15th: Milkisgood
14th: NotNicky333
13th: ClassiCaz5
12th: pugsrule13579
11th: Nick24678
10th: Lifer107
9th: Mitchkid64
8th: EliOrtiz1234
9th: GentlemanG
8th: IceBeast
7th: Ashleybabyx3
6th: BengalBoy
5th: temponeptune
4th: papibadd
3rd: Petro
2nd: bamold1999
1st: Mearl

Featured Players 1 playing

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  1. VOTE TO WIN: T_Mod's Special Fast Stars Season 11648 days 2 hours ago
  2. VOTE TO EVICT: 4th1648 days 2 hours ago
  3. Nominate for 4th: Poll B1648 days 2 hours ago
  4. Nominate for 4th: Poll A1648 days 2 hours ago
  5. VOTE TO EVICT: 5th1648 days 2 hours ago

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