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1134 days 11 hours ago
1134 days 11 hours ago
*sorta chuckles throughout the performance*

Okay, so... I really really really love the whole idea of this, and the fact you put pop/country on your apps makes me excited for you if you make it, cuz we don't have many female country vocalists yet if we do have any at all...

So, despite this being a rather weak vocal, and you probably being low tier apps so far, im gonna give you a yes.

You look cute too!
1132 days 15 hours ago
This is so autotuned it's laughable. Thanks for ruining one of the most influential singles of the 21st century. Dye your hair a normal color bitch.

1129 days 14 hours ago
I liked it and it better then some people who auditioned and made it lol. So for that reason, that's a yes from me
1127 days 21 hours ago
I'm gonna have to agree with Bonnie, it was just not s good performance . I definitely don't think it's the standard were looking for. But nevertheless we have two men talk retarded judges who for some reason think you deserve a chance.


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