A Beautiful Life ---COMPLETED---

***A show hosted by beccajo16***

After witnessing the sexual assault of a classmate at a party in high school, this group of Mid-twenty somethings has never been the same. It was their senior year and they didn't do anything to stop it.

They use to be close, but after that night, something changed and they went their separate ways. Seven years have passed since then and they find themselves facing each other again when they all happen to go to the same group therapy session.

This is the story of finding yourself and getting past the demons that sometimes pull you down. A show focusing on how it's not horrible to let people in and let them be there for you.

They will face their fears, demons, addictions and get the chance to open up to people while creating once broken friendships and possibly fall in love.

Sometimes the most beautiful things in life are those moments that are hard to handle, but get you to be yourself again.

All taking place in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It will be the most beautiful story that's ever been told...
(All in alphabetical order)
Main Cast-
Rhiannon Ameson played by rileythepegasus101 (Season 3-)
Julie Bennet played by Rain848 (Season 1-)
Seth Cobalt played by Bandnerd (Season 3-)
Ashton Holt played by kilikfanof2mrow (Season 1-)
Jason Little played by jasoncutie7542 (Season 4)
Cameron Mason played by Giraffez (Season 1-)
Jesse Miller played by Archerskyfire (Season 3-)
Jane Quinn played by shorondabubbles (Season 3-)
Amber Remirez played by PoisonIvy22 (Season 4)
Nathaniel Sallinger played by posiedonrox (Season 2-)
Luna Shades played by Maya10 (Season 1-)
Brett Taylor played by BrettTheJet21 (Season 4)
Jamie Turner played by bands5656 (Season 1-)
Leo White played by kkoster001 (Season 1-)
Rebecca White played by beccajo16 (Season 1-)
Xander "Xan" Wicker played by awesome2210 (Season 1-)
Carter Wilson played by Avatar20 (Season 3-)
Mac Woodward played by CamXmaya (Season 3-)
Season 4 Opening Theme-
---Season One---
Episode One- "Therapy" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Two- "Anything Goes" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Three- "Northern Downpour" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Four- "On the Way Down" ---COMPLETED---
Season Finale- "Breathe Me" ---COMPLETED---
---Season Two---
Episode One- "Remembering Sunday" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Two- "When You're Gone" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Three- "Death for My Birthday" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Four- "Last Resort" ---COMPLETED---
Season Finale- "Ordinary Day" ---COMPLETED---
---Season Three---
Episode One- "You Were Meant For Me" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Two- "Snow in California" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Three- "A Long December" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Four- "Miracle" ---COMPLETED---
Season Finale- "A Thousand Years" ---COMPLETED---
---The Final Season---
Episode One- "Dear Future Husband" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Two- "XO" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Three- "You're A God" ---COMPLETED---
Episode Four- "Save Me A Spark" ---COMPLETED---
Series Finale- "Life Is Beautiful" ---COMPLETED---

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A Beautiful Life ---COMPLETED---

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