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tinabeena's Poll Box Speech Rehab

Having issues trying to figure out what to write for your poll box speech in Stars? Do you want to sound less cliche, more original and have a good solid speech? You've come to the right place!

This group will focus on lessons...and yes, there will be homework...and at the end of the lessons there will be a tournament. Winner gets a GRAND PRIZE!

If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please feel free to mail me, tinabeena on Tengaged or skype me: c.beansprout

Please be sure to keep track of ALL of the forums. I will type a few things in there per day.

If you were not here for the "Draft" then your team coincides with HOH/POV. The Team Leaders for Cycle 1 are Funnehliner and alireza1373. Unfortunately, VolcomVans (Kevin) had to bow out, but he will be back as a mentor.

***We are looking for another mentor. Skype or mail me, tinabeena, if interested.***

14th - RiDsTeR (evicted by je7467)

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tinabeena's Poll Box Speech Rehab

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