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Joeys Big Brother Viewers Lounge!

Main Group:
I would like this be active !

16th- Burger (Burgerman2929292) 9-3 against Dan (Dan12233445566) [Day 4]
15th- Erik (Youndandreckless) 8-3 against Aaron (Roxas546) [Day 8]
14th- Haley (HaleyJamesScott) 9-2 against Jay Sean (Jay_smooth1738) [Day 11]
13th- Ross (Ross56) 0-4-5 against Connor and Paul [Day 14]
12th- Connor [Laighingoutloud] against Paul [Day 14]
———————————Jury of 9——————————————
11th- Jaron (JarBearFTW) 4-3 against Zach (MusicIsLyfe) [Day 17]
10th- Slothy (Sloth_Roman) 5-1 against Paul (Paul028) [Day 20]
9th- Aaron (Roxas546) 3-2 against Paul (Paul028) [Day 22]
8th- Cody (Raydiz33) 5-0 against Jay (Jay_smooth1738) [Day 22]
7th- Zach (MusicisLyfe) 2-2 via tie agianst John (John10) [Day 25]
----------------------------JARON RETURNS---------------------
7th- Paul028 (Paul) 2-2 via tie against Jaron (JarBearFTW) [Day 28]
6th- Dan12233445566 (Dan) expelled due to being banned [Day 32]
5th- Jay Sean (Jay_smooth1738) 1-1 via tie against John (John10) [Day 32]
4th- John (john10) 1-0 via Jacob against Tristin (baseball03) [Day 36]
3rd- Tristin (Baseball03)  1-0 via Jaron against Jacob (Jacob_C) [Day 41]
Connor (laughingoutloud)
Slothy (Sloth_Roman)
Jaron (JarBearFTW)
Dan (dan12233445566)
Tristin (Baseball03)
Aaron (Roxas546)
Cody (Raydiz33)
Zach (MusicisLyfe)
John (John10)
Haley (HaleyJamesScott)
Erik (youndandreckless)
Jay Sean (Jay_smooth1738)
Burger (Burgermman2929292)
Ross (Ross56)
Jacob (Jacob_C)
Paul (Paul028)

----------------------------------------Previous Winners----------------------
Joeys Big Brother 1:3 doors- Patsy (Bbhoe) 5-2 against Phillip (Musicinme) (Gifted)
Joeys Big Brother 2:Two Houses- David (Davidm7) 5-2 against Eve (Falconbait26) (gifted )
Joey’s Big Brother 3: Back To Basics-
———————————Future seasons———————————
Joey's Big Brother 4: All-Stars- Late August
Joey's Big Brother 5: TBD-

Season Rankings:
1. Joey’s Big Brother 2-two houses
2. Joey’s Big Brother 1- 3 Doors

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Joeys Big Brother Viewers Lounge!

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