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101 days 9 hours ago
101 days 9 hours ago
101 days 9 hours ago
lol congrats x knew the sheep wouldnt nom him lmfao
101 days 9 hours ago
*claps for X*
101 days 9 hours ago
your a sheep yourself honey so stop playin sweetheart<3
101 days 9 hours ago
yes i admit X was the bigger plan lmfao
62 days 15 hours ago
Malachi Exit Interview:

1. You were the only non-Boyrito in the final, and the only guy not included in the all-male alliance (other than early evictees). Why do you think you weren’t included in this?

--I think I wasn't included in this because they probably thought I was weak. But who made it to Final 3? not most of the Boyritos.

2. Did it surprise you to hear that many people’s statements that this alliance was real ended up being true?

---Not really because I knew it was forming before most of the people in the alliance did.

3. Lots of players were hard on you because you rode with X and his guys after being targeted by them earlier. What made you do this, and would you play differently if you could do it again?

--I did this because I trusted him and I wanted someone who actually deserves to win the game and he did. I would 100% play differently because I didn't play my own game I played X's and I feel bad for him for carrying me to Finale

4. You had some friendships (like Chanelle) that ended a little messy. Is there lingering bad blood with you and any other players?

--Not really. I think that me and Chanelle had a lot of trust in each other and you know how Big Brother is, it makes you question if you can really trust them or not.

5. What made you think LAUREN would win the game (you included this in one of your reasonings!)?

--Lauren is smart. She made moves when she had to, she said the right things when they mattered, and she didn't take any crap.

6. Any final thoughts?

--I hope that I will be able to play again, You were an amazing host and if you are willing to sit through this game with all the struggle, stress, and hard work go for it.
60 days 10 hours ago

1. How did it feel to be the largest alliance in BBUK and only alliance to successfully control the game for an entire season?
2. You said you wanted to “beat the best” (X) and you came close, but didn’t. Many alums and evictees criticized your intentional decision to do this. Do you regret going to the end with him now, when you could have flipped against him? Why or why not?
3. You won the Host’s Choice Award for Strategic Gameplay, and that was largely because of you strong social game across the entire house (even with you non-alliance) and awareness of all the game moves. How does it feel to win this award?
4. If you played again, would you once again play with a large alliance? Would you ever cut ties with a “fan favorite” to take the W?
5. Final thoughts?

1. It felt good, because power is def A  important instrument to utilize in A game like this So being that much in control of the game and have that group def gave lead way to maneuver the game in my best interest, which is so oh so fucking good poohsnap lol.

2.  Honestly all of those people can kiss my black ass I could care less on what any of them think or thought. Because regardless I made it to the very end of the game and I'm proud of myself. Do I regret going against the best? No because I wasn't A pussy I was Dominate and went straight for the Bull and even tho I lost it was a close ass vote, and to me it showed I had bravery courage and balls which none of these people had.

3. It feels so great to had won that award because I was woke to the game and I played to my very best and got to make many moves and have the trust of so many people which put me in good positions time after time. And I put a lot of hard work into that game so to get a Award for it was the icing on the damn cake!

4. I would be open to anything if I played again I'm def open minded and down to give everyone I chance and I am def about switching things up and making big moves so If I had to play alone or be a underdog or run the game I wud take any of those roles because im all about diversity and bringing spice to the game.

5. My final thoughts are anyone who made bad thoughts about me or my gameplay yall can suck my B** B**CK D*CK  because I legit don't care how ya'll feel about me. And that I had so much fun to have had such a  incredible experience as such as this and I don't regret anything and proud of my game and the alliance<3 that's all lol
60 days 10 hours ago

1. Your game was so interesting this season! Not so much for what you did do, but for what you didn’t do. You were one of the only Boyritos to contemplate flipping, because you rightfully assumed that it would be hard/impossible to beat some (namely X) in the final. Do you regret not sticking with your flip?

2. How does it feel to be the largest alliance in BBUK and only alliance to successfully control the game for an entire season?

3. Would you play any differently if you could do it all over again?

1. The thing people don’t realize is me flipping is practically like going to another side of the house we’re there was a amazing spammer like yandere who has beat x before in a spam comp and also Aimee who is loved by everyone but I decided to be loyal because it could benefit me in other games felt really good because the two seasons I played before this was so stressful each nom week not knowing what was going to happen getting betrayed by my own allies it felt good to have strong and loyal people beside me there was a week or two were this alliance was so close to breaking up but we all talked and just decided to stick with each other

3.hell no because I made some super dope friends made it to a finals and had a lot of fun

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