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The House: Return to Bluebells

Movie-Style RP// One-shot
HBO rated.

BlueBells, the most infamous lake house owned by the Westessons. The wildest parties go down there, a celebrity or two have rented out this place, and it's a beauty from the outside -- but what about the inside? Only the most exclusive people, or the Westessons themselves go inside.

June 29, 2017. 13 people went inside, and only 1 came out.. alive. Turns out there's a lot more to meets the eye in the lakehouse. Did everyone go insane, or did all the happenings inside really go down? The blood on the walls, the creepy black haired girl in the closet, even the leaking picture hanging up on the wall?

All that's left of everyone is Amber, but for now.. it's not even confirmed if she's herself. So, what happens next? What's it like on the other side of the Westesson mirror? How did the mirror come to be? Can it be destroyed? What is the curse that was mentioned? Who really are the Westessons?

So many questions, yet there's one sequel.. let's hope it gives more answers than questions.

July xx, 2017. 10 new people entered Bluebells Lakehouse, can they break the curse, or even survive the house? Or will they add on to the collection of those trapped in the mirror? Will they make the same mistakes as the others, or can they save everyone or even themselves? One way to find out.

Character name; Age -Username

Brendon; 27 -Carraid73
Helena; 30 -Avatar20
Hunter; 34 -Bad181life
James; 24 -Finnick
Lana; 24 -Dvs194
Link; 23 -iGoddess
Marcus; 25 -Kgamer2218
Rayne; 22 -Rain848
Trinity; 23 -PoisonIvy22


Movie 1: The House [June 30th]
Movie 2 [Sequel]: Return to Bluebells [July 8th]
Movie 3 [Sequel]: The other side [??]
Movie 4 [Parallel]: Across the lake [???]
Movie 5 [Prequel]: Mirror, Mirror [????]
Movie 6: Paradise [?????]


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The House: Return to Bluebells
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Scheduled start [today?]
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Return to Bluebells: Applications
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The House
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The House: Return to Bluebells

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