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#NTM18 - Challenge & Photoshoot (4)

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13 days 4 hours ago
Challenge #4

"Animal Crossing"

Hello everyone and welcome to your fourth challenge. Today you will be judged by our guest judge, the winner of the Next Top Model Cycle 5: Fans vs. Favorites, Guest Judge Marlon Teixeira (wileycoyote)!

His challenge for you today is something very interesting. Gamer or not, you should have at least heard about this game, or maybe if you haven't it's time to discover this very interesting game. That said, our guest judge Marlon, listed 17 characters from Animal Crossing for you to choose from, which means it's going to be first come first pick basis (again no reservations).

In his own words, our guest judge want you to: "Emulate them in some way". Also gave some examples - "Like tom nook you could go businessman"; "Or flick you could focus on his grunge look". You have a lot of room to work with, so I am definitely excited and looking forward for this challenge.

You have 24 hours to do the challenge. Goodluck!
13 days 4 hours ago
Animal Crossing Characters:

KK Slider
Tom Nook
13 days 2 hours ago
Jourdan Dunn | G R A C I E |

||Gracie is a celebrity fashion designer in the Animal Crossing series
"That Gracie. She was such a free spirit. She's got a real wild streak, that one, hm?"
Gracie is the face of Ms. Nintendique. Snooty villagers will sometimes call her outfits "trash"
They're disgusted at the motives and ideals of Gracie's style.
She has short brown hair, and indigo eyeshadow.
She also speaks in an abrupt manner, and is often blunt and brutally honest when sharing her opinions. Gracie is often thought of as bossy and arrogant amongst the villagers.||

That was the information I went off of from Gracie's wiki on I'm not familiar with the game but I did my research and now I'm considering playing it.

In my photo I'm displaying the style I feel Gracie would have irl as a colorful wacky looking celebrity fashion designer.  I'm rocking this crimped short brown hair, and the iconic indigo eyeshadow like Gracie. And I'm serving you a face that just said something brutally honest.
13 days 2 hours ago
Sasha Pivovarova as Pave

Pave is a peacock who is quite flamboyant, extra and fun. In my photo I am trying to channel Pave and be fierce while dressed in peacock as a reference to him being a peacock.
13 days 2 hours ago
Shanina Shaik | HARRIET |

Harriet is the owner of the Shampoodle, the local barber shop. She is a kind, cheerful and jolly individual with an enabler attitude. She supports others with their individuality and style regardless of how bad she personally believes them to look.

In my photo I wanted to give a modern and fashion forward take on Harriet, I believed her to be a mod styled, colourful and bright individual whilst still looking approachable. Her hair is always stylish, tousled and bold which is something I am eminating in the shot.
12 days 22 hours ago
Tanya as Gulliver

Gulliver is an iconic special character who occasionally washes up on the beach and has the villager retrieve items for him to get back home. In this picture, just like Gulliver, Tanya washes up on the shore.
12 days 21 hours ago
Barbie as Isabelle

Isabelle is decribed as super fun, bubbly, super friendly. Through her joy and helpfullness she  wants to. make the town a better place. She smile and happiness is infectious and puts people in a good mood.
12 days 17 hours ago
==Malaika Firth - KK Slider==

K.k. slider is a well-known musician across the animal crossing fandom in fact animal crossing New horizons the main "quest" is to bring him on the island to get your island's name out there

However this isn't your first encounter with k.k. slider in fact on the first night when you go to bed k.k. slider appears to you in a dream and tells you to stay cool and that's greater things are too come essentially.

Kk's personality can be described and very much cool and nonchalant so I decided for my photoshoot to interpret that to my own way portraying the cool side of myself and trying to embody k.k. slider
12 days 14 hours ago
Lei | Label |

"Labelle, is a special character in the Animal Crossing series. She serves as the store clerk for GracieGrace in City Folk, the accessories clerk at the Able Sisters store in New Leaf"

She is the younger sister of Sable and the older sister of Mabel, and left home to work as a fashion designer.

'In City Folk, Label wears a white blouse with a black vest and pencil skirt as her work uniform.' -> That's why i'm playing with black and white clothes and accessories.
12 days 13 hours ago
Luka Sabbat || Kicks ||

Kicks is a skunk in Animal Crossing who sells shoes and socks.

I am embodying him in this picture by
A) trying to show off the shoes as much as possible
B) Wearing stripes that are white and black, white stripes across my shirt and a black stripe along my pants to embody a skunk
C) the shoes and socks combo is a black and white sort of deal to pull the look together
12 days 13 hours ago
Reece King - Sable

Sable the hedgehog is a "shy, introverted character that prefers to work in the background". I tried to embody a more reserved look, from fidgeting with my buttons to wearing all white.
12 days 13 hours ago
Saharah as inspiration

I know they´re not the same animal, but they´re the same vibe. They seem friendly, cute and here to help. They can distribute blankets but also help you cross the river and catch fish on the island

12 days 12 hours ago
He Cong: Daisy - Mae

" She is nervous and inexperienced, but eager to prove herself. The Stalk Market itself remains fundamentally unchanged from previous games. Every Sunday morning, Daisy Mae appears on the island to sell her family's White Turnips at a specific price between 90 and 110 bells."

I feel like even though this character isn't the most hygienic because of the snot coming out from her nose, she's still a prim and proper lady. I wanted to show the highlight the inner and outer part of this character into a human form. From what I've gathered she's nervous and inexperience but tries to prove herself to sell her family merchandise. To this shot I'm also channeling that nervousness and low-key anxiety because I have the drive to turn the leaf around.
12 days 12 hours ago
11 days 18 hours ago
Jourdan: I think you could have gone a bit further but overall a very solid job in every way

Sasha: i think you made a great choice with pave, your explanation could do with some expanding but this is a great photo

Shanina: Simple but effective, overall a strong showing that doesnt really revolutionise

Tanya: I love that you made a less obvious choice and you took it in an interesting direction, its a bit 1 thing but i dont mind it here

Barbie: this shot feels very weak and it feels like you did the bare minimum to hit the theme, im pretty disappointed here

Malaika: This shot is amazing and it really nails the theme without being to on the nose, im pretty impressed

Lei: This feels like a very loose interpretation of the theme and its not really a groundbreaking photo either

Luka: i took some time on this one because i was in 2 minds but i ultimarely settled on liking this a lot, it isnt exactly his style but i think your explanation sells the idea to me and its a very strong shot outright

Reese: Not at all where i expected you to go but its a very interesting approach that you work into the theme pretty well, the photo itself I really like

Nastya: I really want to like this, the photo itself is amazing but i frankly dont understand your explanation or how it fits with the theme

He: Not where i expected you to take this but your explanation really sells it to me, the photo itself is a really strong photo to

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