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#NTM16 - Challenge & Photoshoot (10)

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201 days 17 hours ago
Challenge #10

"Haute Couture"

Hello guys, for this week's challenge we will be visiting another agency. This agency was supposedly a part of your go-sees challenge, but here we are. You will be meeting here one of the most iconic winners of the Next Top Model, she won Cycle 6: The Sole Survivor as Cara Delevingne, let's give it to your guest judge for this challenge, Ray!

Ray is the owner of the RA Productions and here's what you are going to do: you are tasked to present the owner a photo of your model wearing haute couture or anything close to it - haute couture (as defined) is high-end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high-quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers—often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques.

You have 24 hours to do the challenge. Goodluck! x
201 days 16 hours ago

As much as possible (if there is really), try to incorporate the colors black and gold which resemble the Colors of RA Productions Logo.
201 days 12 hours ago
*Jacob stares at this challenge task and blinks*
201 days 1 hour ago
Naty Chabanenko
"Haute Couture"

Here is my one of a kind haute couture gown made just for me!!
I also incorporated the black & gold! Even though my eyes are closed here my eyes are still on the prize!!!

200 days 21 hours ago
Ming Xi

Bringing haute couture regality with my handmade corset gown and headpiece also trying to incorporate the black and gold assigned colours for the RA Productions Logo.
200 days 21 hours ago
==Caroline Trentini==

I think this golden outfit matches the theme so I hope RA really likes it.
200 days 20 hours ago
200 days 20 hours ago
Ajak Deng Challenge

I’m giving you purple haute couture baby!
200 days 19 hours ago
Jacob Morton

Bringing you what all the men are going to want to wear to show off their sense of fashion with this haute couture that also plays off to what was demanded in gold and black embroidery.
200 days 15 hours ago
200 days 15 hours ago
Didn't noticed but this is actually challenge no. 11
199 days 20 hours ago
Hello Model's!

I have been looking forward to seeing what you are all made of and I can definitely see some great Competition going on.

With that being said, these are my Comments for your Haute Couture Challenge!

Naty - To be honest I did not even realize your eyes were closed because you are portraying alot of strength with your face. I love the outfit, it is giving me Mickey vibes with the shoulders which gives it that Haute Couture feels. Great job!

Ming - BAM! I love this. It is so different and Couture! The outfit is amazing and that hat is just WOW. I really like that you took a risk and really went for it! I wish I could have seen your eyes a little more but other than that this is fantastic!

Caroline - This is also a very fun and quirky shot. The outfit screams Haute Couture and I like that you are very expressive. I do wish we could have seen more of the Black and Gold but that is really the only negative I can say about this shot!

Joan - Meh.......After seeing the previous Photos I am honestly a little underwhelmed. The outfit is High Fashion but not Haute Couture and really all I am getting is a Model 101 pose and looks like you are bored, waiting for something to happen and that's what I stayed feeling too.

Ajak - I have to say that this is the most outstanding photo as this will catch ANYONE's attention and that is exactly what a Haute Couture Photo must do. However, I do wish you could have at least incorporated more of the Black and Gold as its the least theme based Photo I have seen so far.

Jacob - Its simple but powerful at the same time which I love! Your bone structure is beautiful and the red background does make you stand out. BUT, this is the least Haute Couture Photo I have seen in the entire group. Yes it is a great shot but could have pushed alot more!

Overall you have all done a great job! Thank you and may the best Model win!
199 days 17 hours ago
199 days 17 hours ago
Photoshoot will be posted after the announcement of the challenge result.
199 days 16 hours ago
The winner of this challenge will be getting an additional 2 points for his/her score this week.

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