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#NTM17 - Challenge & Photoshoot (2)

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18 days 21 hours ago
Hi guys, before we get straight to to your challenge this week. Let us see first the two models who will be exchanging camps. Now, if in case of any tie on who's the most voted, the model with the lower placing will be the model to be exchanged. If you didn't vote, it would consider a self-vote.
18 days 21 hours ago
Camp Whiteboard Votes:

Sunmi - 2 votes
Violet - 2 votes
Lupita - 1 vote
Milla - 1 vote
Suzy - 1 vote
Joo-hyuk - 0 votes
Taehyung - 0 votes

Moving to Camp Goal Diggers - Lee Sun-mi (turkeylover)
18 days 21 hours ago
Camp Goal Diggers Votes:

Marie - 3 votes
Lucien - 2 votes
Ryan - 2 votes
Cody - 1 vote
Avan - 0 votes
Dua - 0 votes
Mia - 0 votes
Taylor - 0 votes

Moving to Camp Whiteboard - Marie Avgeropoulos (SennaRichards)
18 days 21 hours ago
Camp Whiteboard 2.0:
- Nam Joo-hyuk (SeongWoo)
- Lupita Nyong'o (smallchild99)
- Marie Avgeropoulos (SennaRichards)
- Milla Jovovich (humanwebjet1)
- Bae Suzy (SharonMaItems)
- Kim Tae-hyung (stuartlittle16)
- Violet Chachki (Ajathekween)
18 days 21 hours ago
Camp Goal Diggers 2.0:
- Avan Jogia (Hunty)
- Cody Calafiore (Tommy123)
- Dua Lipa (spinfur)
- Lucien Laviscount (Neme91)
- Mia Goth (nateclove)
- Ryan Gosling (boozes)
- Lee Sun-mi (turkeylover)
- Taylor Swift (tswiftlover13)
18 days 21 hours ago
Challenge #2


Hi guys, today you will be judged by the winner of the Next Top Model, Cycle 15: All-Stars. Please welcome your guest judge for this week, Judge Jhonattan Burjack (Russell11).

Our guest judge this week is very familiar with this word, why is that? It has been his brand when he joined Cycle 14: Art of Redemption, then later played in All-Stars carrying the brand. He was branded resilient for he never gave up despite the bad critiques he had in the very start of the competition. His determination and the never give up attitude captured the hearts of not just the judges, but also his batchmates in All-Stars which eventually gave him the win.

It's now time for you to give us your very definition of resiliency. You have 24 hours to post in here.

For Dua, your advantage this week is you'll be able to post TWO PHOTOS to be judged by Judge Jhona.
18 days 20 hours ago
These is an individual challenge??
18 days 20 hours ago
You need to post individually.
18 days 17 hours ago
*Although fighting through resilience can be a tough journey, at the end of it all you come as a different person, stronger and more confident!
17 days 20 hours ago
Any posts below this is considered late submission.
17 days 19 hours ago
17 days 19 hours ago
We are now finish in the first part of the challenge, yes it's only the first part. I would need two participants from each camp who can go online/live for the challenge results.

Date and Time: April 4, 7PM EST

While most of you can go online on that day and time, I would need two names for assurance. So discuss it with your team and give me names til April 4, 7 AM EST. Failure to submit a name will be forfeiting the challenge for your camp.
17 days 19 hours ago
If it was today i would volunteer myself, but tomorrow is very complicated to me :/
17 days 18 hours ago
I can do it but I'll discuss it with my team just in case someone else wants to.
17 days 18 hours ago
To the two camps, one member must mail me the names of the two members who are going to participate on your camp. As much as possible, consult it to your whole camp.
17 days 16 hours ago
Lucien Lavisocount

I don’t mind putting my hand in for the second part of the challenge for team gold diggers

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