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#NTM17 - Challenge & Photoshoot (1)

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24 days 10 hours ago
Challenge #1


Hello and welcome to the first challenge of the season. For your first task this week, you were grouped in to two camps, not only will it be for the challenge this week, but for most of the challenges too. Now, your first task this week is to create a CAMP POSTER. Here are the requirements of the poster you are going to make:

1.) The size/ratio of your poster must be 7:5
2.) The poster should include the logo of the season (clear copy here)
3.) The poster must include all the members of your camp (can be put in a collage manner)
4.) The poster shall include your Camp Name (Camp _________)

Since this is your first team challenge, I will be giving you 48 hours to do so. Assign/contribute the tasks properly no cooperation with the group means (deduction of points).

For clarifications just mail me. Thank you and goodluck! x
24 days 10 hours ago
Hello guys, i can do the poster! We just need an Theme to it 馃グ馃グ
24 days 10 hours ago
It'd be great if everyone shared their Skype id? I can create the group
24 days 10 hours ago
my skype is live:.cid.6274d2be80261425!
24 days 10 hours ago
Just so my team knows, I am not on Skype. If you need to message me please do so on here.
24 days 10 hours ago
okok <3
24 days 10 hours ago
CAMP #1 Members:
Bae Suzy (SharonMaItems)
Nam Joo-hyuk (SeongWoo)
Kim Tae-hyung (stuartlittle16)
Lee Sun-mi (turkeylover)
Lupita Nyong'o (smallchild99)
Pen茅lope Cruz (nhl8765554321)
Violet Chachki (Ajathekween)
Milla Jovovich (humanwebjet1)

CAMP #2 Members:
Dua Lipa (spinfur)
Taylor Swift (tswiftlover13)
Mia Goth (nateclove)
Avan Jogia (Hunty)
Marie Avgeropoulos (SennaRichards)
Ryan Gosling (boozes)
Cody Calafiore (Tommy123)
Lucien Laviscount (Neme91)
24 days 9 hours ago
Hello team! My skype is live:musicmaker8006, although I'm currently busy with something else so I'll check in later.
24 days 9 hours ago
kinda bald
24 days 8 hours ago
(Damn this is like the perfect season sad I missed applications)
22 days 18 hours ago

With the theme being celebrity showdown most of us have had goals that were achieved through hard work and dedication. It's obvious we're not your typical models as the theme of the season indicates that.

We're ready to walk the red carpet to not only be the celebrity we're known as but we're now ready to be a model in the making so I present...

CAMP GOAL DIGGERS /6xb56cu.png

Here's the looks of everyone individually to get a better view:
22 days 18 hours ago

The link got broken my mistake
22 days 16 hours ago
Camp #1 - Camp Whiteboard

Just like a child who is beginning to read and write, we are new souls in this competition, each one following their own journey and telling their own story in this great space that is the whiteboard. We're all also wearing white for this poster.
(png one: | Individual looks: )

Everyone did their homework!
22 days 13 hours ago
22 days 12 hours ago
Your challenge scores will be posted around 8 AM EST followed by your house reveal then the photoshoot. Thank you and Goodluck! x
22 days ago
And it's now time to reveal the camp who won the challenge.

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