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Student Records

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173 days 5 hours ago
Name: Luke Handson
Age: (15-18) 16
Grade:(9-12) 10th
Short Bio: Luke is pretty popular at Degrassi since his moms own the local hang out spot for everybody, The Spot. Being involved in activities such as theater, and music has shown off his talents to the school and made Luke somebody people wanna be friends with. However, this year he’s trying out for cheerleading as the only male cheerleader which might just hurt his reputation.
Fc:Billy Lewis Jr
168 days 18 hours ago
Name: Jenifer (Jenny) Thompson
Age: (15-18) 15
Grade:(9-12) 9th
Roleplayer: Zankie16
Short Bio: Jenny is new in town and she’s ready to find herself atDegrassi especially since she is a freshman. Coming from a very christian household she wants to branch out skipping youth group to meet boys and go to parties. Even though she is considered popular she doesn’t quite know where she fits in, but maybe she’ll find out soon.
Fc: Blake Lively
163 days 2 hours ago
Name: Celica Doyle
Age: (15-18) 16
Grade:(9-12) 11th
Roleplayer: Mitsuki
Short Bio: Queen of the loners Celica has had the reputation of a freak ever since she shoved jelly beans up her nose and had to be rushed to the hospital. People constantly make fun of her for it, but this year she has different plans stepping into a new realm for herself, the theater. Celica has got the role of Cha-Cha DiGregorio in the bag and she hopes this shows that she can be cool. Too bad in Degrassi reputations are everything so getting new friends and climbing the social ladder is going to be a challenge for this Jelly Bean Queen.
Fc: Saoirse Ronan
149 days 6 hours ago
Name: Hopscotch Siddall
Age: (15-18) 15
Grade:(9-12) 9th
Roleplayer: Ribbons
Short Bio: Hopscotch is a new girl at Degrassi and she is ready to make a name for herself. She joined newspaper in the hopes of helping make newspaper fun to read again and gain some friends so she can be popular. Being in a wheelchair hasn’t held Hopscotch back and if you try to tell her differently she’s gonna run over your feet.
Fc: Ali Stroker
149 days 6 hours ago
Name: Dane Moses
Age: (15-18) 18
Grade:(9-12) 12th
Roleplayer: Cyrus
Short Bio: Dane isn’t known for being the smartest guy and hell he doesn’t even show up to school some days. That’s not because he doesn’t care or hate school, but he wants to help his family out since everything falls back on him. Dane wants to try and change the course his life is going on and hopes his senior year he will find the balance he needs to succeed.
Fc: Callan Mcauliffe

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