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Clockwork Survivor S1: Ethiopia

Novamax243 and Mysterygame2 have played over 100 survivor group games, and now they're here to host their own. With Tengaged dying Survivor groups have become more rare recently. Clockwork Survivor is here to bring you a unique experience that's new throughout Tengaged Survivor group games.

Clockwork Survivor strives for one thing, consistency. On the 21st of every month, we will start our season and every season will last exactly 21 days. Every season will feature twists and turns that the castaways need to adapt to or find their torches getting snuffed before they realize it.

For the first ever season, we're going way back to the dawn of an era. In the scorching heat of the Awash Valley where the earliest humans have been thought to roam. We will track 16 castaways as they battle the elements and more importantly each other.

Who will break under the pressure? Who can withstand the twists thrown there way? But more importantly, who can OUTWIT, OUTPLAY, OUTLAST the rest?
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Clockwork Survivor Rulebook
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1382 days 1 hour ago
Applications: Season 1
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Clockwork Survivor S1: Ethiopia

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