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165 days 18 hours ago
Hello everyone, and welcome to my milestone 20th season of NB Reality!

NB Reality will be undertaking its biggest production yet, with Liar Game 2!

For those of you who have seen 'The Genius', that show is based off of this, so if you liked that, you'll love this even more!

This tournament will emulate the games in the official Liar Game, and will follow your journey through the tournament as Nao Kanzaki had done.

Anybody who wishes can sign up to play in the tournament, as this is an NB Reality OPEN season. After all, the more the merrier we like to say!

In an effort to keep interest, the games in this tournament are simpler than NB Reality 15- Liar Game, and often easier to grasp the basic concept. That doesn’t mean there aren’t underlying strategies that could happen though!

If you are still interested in playing NB Reality 20: Liar Game, please apply here:


Application will close for the tournament in about a week or so, so apply now!


Multiple accounts are not allowed. If you are found to be utilizing multiple accounts, all offending accounts will be kicked from the season and banned from NB Reality indefinitely
165 days 18 hours ago
For those unfamiliar with the concept of this game, please go here for more information:
165 days 1 hour ago
For those wondering, this tournament is NON-LIVE.

You will have at least 24 hours for any actions you would need to do during the games.
161 days 23 hours ago
Applications will close on Thursday, so apply now!
159 days 20 hours ago

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NB Reality 20: Liar Game 2

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