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Liar Game is a Japanese Manga series (2005-2015) that followed an overly honest college student, Nao Kanzaki. She receives a package containing 100 Million Yen (about $1 million) and a note that she is now a contestant in the Liar Game Tournament. In this tournament, players are encouraged to cheat and lie to obtain other contestants’ money, with the losing ones forced to bear a debt equal to their losses.

This manga follows Nao’s journey through the Liar Game Tournament, which this game will reflect. The manga is available online (in English) and there are two live-drama versions (English subbed). If you would like to read/watch them to get a feel for the games, feel free!


This tournament is a large-scale game that will test many aspects found in competitions. The premise is similar to the manga: You have been drawn into the Liar Game. You must overcome opponents and win money for your prize. As you advance, you will face new games, new opponents, and bigger prizes. The game continues until there is a new liar King (Queen) crowned.

If you are eliminated, your journey ends. Avoid debt if you can, because in this tournament, money makes the world go ‘round!
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All rounds will start with a Main Round. All players will participate in this game, and players will be split off into groups of similar size to play. Think of these groups like you are playing the game in different locations in real life. You will only be playing against those in your group, and others in other groups will not affect your game in any way.

Most games are expected to take around 1.5-2 weeks, but some may be shorter or longer depending on the nature of the game. All games will take place in at least 24-hour phases. Each phase, you will be expected to mail me an action on tengaged. This may consist of votes, actions, or preparations to make. Sometimes, there may be multiple actions you need to do during a phase, but I will attempt to keep these as few as possible.

In some games, there may be alternate actions to make instead, such as writing a contract or transferring money or items. These will be explained during their appropriate games.

After a game is over, there will be ‘Winners’ and ‘Losers’ according to the game rules. The winners will automatically advance to the next Main Round in the Liar Game Tournament, whereas the losers will need to play in the Revival round.

The winners may have a Winners Round they get the chance to play, and those will be revealed as appropriate. These winners do not participate in the Revival Round, but play in the Winners round to bide everyone’s time until the next main round.

Revival rounds will be similar to Main Rounds in how they work, but if you lose a Revival Round, you are eliminated from the tournament.

Depending on each round, there may be chances at revival if you lose a revival round, in the case of the next main round needing a certain total of players. However, do not always expect this to be the case.

As of now, there are a total of 5 main rounds and 4 revival rounds scheduled. This number will not go higher yet can be lower depending on the number of players throughout the tournament.
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Throughout the tournament, each of you will be playing for large quantities of tournament money. The typical amount played for in a round is 100 Million Yen (Japanese). You are not only fighting to win your way through the tournament, but also fighting for this money as well.

Most games, the LGT will loan you 100 Million Yen (Denoted 100M or ¥100M). Depending on game circumstances, you may gain or lose money through play. Afterwards, you will be expected to pay back your original ¥100M loan. Any surplus will be credited to your bank account, but any deficit will be carried with you as well.

For example:
Player A and B battle for 100M. A wins 60M from B, and takes that along in their bank account. However, B is 60M negative, and must regain that amount somewhere to break even. Try to keep that bank account filled, you never know when it may be needed!

If, at any point, you wish to transfer money to another player, please mail me saying so with the player and the amount transferred.

Money in your bank accounts can be used to purchase things throughout the tournament, including but not limited to; Revival Tickets, additional options in a game, additional funds in a game, etc. Money can also be used as “Donations” (Read: Bribes) for other players and be transferred for any reason, unless tournament rules prohibit it.

At the end of the tournament, a surplus in your bank account will earn you bonus NB Reality leaderboard points.

DISCLAIMER: Money in the tournament does not entitle the user to any compensation outside the tournament from the LGT or otherwise.

Additional Rules and information may be added at any point when needed. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to mail me or send me a skype message.
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Contracts are special methods where two or more players come to an agreement that is binding and enforced by the LGT. Different games may have different rules to determine if contracts are available.

In order to sign a contract, every signing player must send nbkiller a mail a copy of the contract. Those mails must be EXACTLY the same. If ANY difference exists between mails, the contract will be nullified.

A contract must state an initial set of signatories. Everyone must mail nbkiller a copy of the contract. If everyone does not, the contract is nullified.

Contracts are only valid and enforced when confirmed by the LGT.

When enforced by the LGT, contracts will be enforced to the letter. No more, no less. Use this information as you will. Loopholes can and might exist in your contract. IF you intend to exploit one, please let me know via mail.

Breaking a contract means that you will be disqualified from the tournament and all of your money will go to the LGT.
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Switcheroos are a way for players in the Liar Game Tournament to affect the groups that a game is played with. These will come at a cost in yen, with the exact price depending on the game played.

This power allows you to switch any two players from their original group.

In order to buy a switcheroo, send a mail to nbkiller. The player buying the switch must have the funds in their bank account, and must specify which two players they would like to switch. At that point, the Liar Game Tournament (LGT) will debit the account and switch the two players involved, updating the groups.

If two players attempt to switch the same player, the first switch will take place, and the second player to request a switcheroo will be notified and asked if they would like to change their decision before the transaction goes through.

If a switcheroo takes place, the deadline to buy switcheroos will extend to 12 hours after the last switcheroo update is posted (if applicable). If a new switcheroo is bought, the time resets.



1. When you buy a switcheroo, the effect takes place immediately. The results of the swap are public.

2. The player who bought the switcheroo will remain a secret. Only the two players swapped will be made public.

3. A player may buy as many switcheroos as they have the funds. There is no limit.

4. If you buy a switcheroo, you do not need to swap yourself. You may choose two other players if you would like.

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