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Topic » 10. ZZZ... [CHALLENGE]

2823 days 8 hours ago
*flicks lights on and off* Oh, hello final four!  How did I get into your hotel you ask, Esther?  Well that's not the point, the point is that this is the perfect setting for your final challenge!  This season has been very long, and you've all worked very hard, so I hope you're well rested.  Or not.

The four of you will be competing in the DREAM BALL.  Three categories will be assigned, and it's up to the four of you to interpret the way you see fit and bring out the strongest looks you can.  Make us REMember them.  Get it haha?  *Rosa yawns*  Okay so...

Your first look is Bedtime Story Stupor. Not the Madonna song.  Remember when your mother used to read you your favorite books to make you go to the hell to bed?  You can give us a fairy tale, nursery rhyme, or whatever you feel fits the challenge.

Your second look will be Insomniac Inspired.  Sometimes, it's hard to fall asleep on those high thread count pillows and sheets and down pillows.  Show us the restless side of the night you must face. Tylenol PM couture.

Your final look will be Reverie Fantasy.  This is your ultimate wish personified on the runway.  Anything you dream, you can believe (and sew).  We ask for this look to be grand and have a hazy dream-like quality about it.

AND LASTLY, one question.  Who do you think doesn't deserve to make final three out of your remaining competitors.  And why.  You know I just had to ask!

For your lip-sync this week, you will be making a look to...

You will have four days for this challenge.  Wednesday, June 8th will be the deadline for your looks.  If you need an extension, make it worth something.  Wink.

2819 days 7 hours ago
[Ethel Esther, Week 9]

Bedtime Story Stupor:
When my mom read me bedtime stories, I wanted to be the baddest bitch. Literally.

Insomnia Inspired:
300 years into cursed & chill and she gives you this look

Reverie Fantasy:
Dreams themselves are busy, but are, at the same time grandiose. For my Reveries Fantasy look, I'm serving you up Human Pin-Cushion Queen.

As for who I think should go home? All the girls that aren't CUNT. Well, honestly, Salmonella could go home because her looks are all spliced models looks that are already made, she doesn't really style herself so she's only CNT. You could also send Rosa home for giving us lackluster concepts for most of the challenges we've done thus far, so that makes her just CUN.
2819 days 7 hours ago

Ever since Salmonella heard the Folk Tale of "Mother Mercy", an evil witch trapped behind a magic, distorted mirror, she has had nothing but nightmares.

She dreams every night of running for miles, for what seems like forever, away from the evil queen's grasp... But she never sleeps for long.

If only she could be Queen of the Faeries... She could protect herself and everyone she loves from evil.

As for who I believe should go home, Rosa is the only one out of this group of four who isn't succeeding as much as she should be. For someone who really is extremely talented, she has been lazy and lacklustre for most of this competition with a few standout moments. She has at least 2 less wins compared to Glycerin, Esther, and myself, and she has lip synced twice where we have lip synced once or not at all.

I'm sure she's gonna blow this week away if she wakes UP but based on the history, Rosa should be going.
2819 days 6 hours ago
[Rosa, Week 9]

[Bedtime Story Stupor] This big bad wolf is here to huff and puff and blow your chances of being TGDR's Next Drag Superstar away.

[Insomniac Inspired] Sometimes a lack of sleep can get us a bit on edge.

[Reverie Fantasy] The ultimate fusion of nature and beauty.

When you look at the chart it's quite easy to say that I'm the one that should be sent home but if you look a little closer things are always a little more than meets the eye.

I've had five top placements with Glycerin and Salmonella shooting under only having 3 & 4 respectively. People constantly say they expect more and that's because they KNOW I'm talented and it's only now that they try and spin it in the opposite direction. I continuously challenged myself throughout the season coming out with designs unseen before on TGDR and even placing high in a snatch game, should I even continue?

Send home Salmonella, I'll have a better chance at beating the big girl in finals (that's how it works right?)
2819 days 6 hours ago

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