Dmpwb's Reward Room


Whenever a "special power" or reward expires, it'll be sent here in a giant pile. Sorta like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter. Rewards are also sent here when a player is evicted without using them.

Here's how this works. If you have a "Reward Room Key" AKA “Mystery Key” you can enter the room and have WHATEVER you want, but only one item. Maybe there's an extra vote, maybe there's an immunity or perhaps even something new and unheard of. Here's the catch though. Once you use your key, that's it. If you enter the room and see nothing of use, that's unfortunate. With that being said, I will NOT let you enter the room if it's empty (so your key isn't wasted)

The final catch? Whatever item you grab will expire at the end of the week you receive it on. So don't go into the room unless you need something for the upcoming eviction. On the other hand... Do you want to wait too long and have all the good items get away? The choice is yours, just note you can only use your key before the nominations are revealed.

Lastly. Only one person can enter the room at a time, so it's secret as to what you grab. When you're ready to enter the room, send me a message AND request to join (for fastest results) and I'll grant you access. Look for the Topic/Forum listing the items and comment which one you want. I'll then remove the Topic, remove the item from the list, remove you from the group and post a new topic. This cycle will repeat continuously, so that only people in the room AT THE TIME know of it's contents. Whether or not you choose to pry on your fellow contestants is up to you, but what do you know is the truth? 

Save your keys, or don't. The choice is yours....


Added Note 2/23/2018
If you want to grab more than one item at a time, that’s possible, but it costs 1 key per item

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Dmpwb's Reward Room

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