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New Haven: Information and Guidelines

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2195 days 3 hours ago
-I ask that everyone be respectful to one another, and if you have drama with each other out of character, handle it outside of the group. If I see you argue in the group with each other, I will remove you.

-If you cannot make an episode or going to be late, please let me know ahead of time. if you can't let me know before then just try to tell me after.

-Please do not be antisocial. When there are events, please go and mingle with other characters and create more storylines. Because this show is based in a small town, everyone will know each other.

-This will be a more matured theme show, think like HBO and Showtime. This means you will be able to push a little bit more boundaries in terms of sex, this will become a closed group, but we still do not want to see the full deed. Please right *sexytime* or something along those lines. If it gets too far, this rule will change immediately.

-This is not bad girls club so do not treat it as such. There will be fights on occasion, because everyone is in a high tension situation, but please run it by me first.

-NO PLAYING GOD. If I see this, I will say something as a warning and if you do not stop, I will remove you. Playing god involves popping up out of nowhere in someone's convo, knowing information without being told, healing quickly, etc.

-If you have big ideas, or just even ideas in general for your character, please run it by me first. If you do something big without my permission, I will delete it and give you a warning. I am usually pretty lenient but if it interferes with something I have planned ahead of time, I will say no.

-If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I will try to get back with you as soon as I can.

-Have fun! :D
2195 days 3 hours ago
Important Information on the show:

-Initially no one knows each other, unless I say differently in your role.

-Cars and some technologies still work, but you may have to find those items from looting from different towns and houses that people have left behind.

-It is up to your characters to create bonds with people, create a sufficient place to live in the the abandoned house you choose to live in.

-Your characters may start their own small businesses, farms and other important aspects to small town life.

-Starting a life pretty much from scratch will not be easy, and I really want that to be shown in this show.

-I want friendships and relationships to be created realistically, but hooking up is also fine with me, but if I see you starting a relationship within the first hour, it's coming to a stop lol.

-A lot more information will be posted in episode descriptions as well, but if you do ever have any questions please contact me in PMs or on Skype.

This is my first show back from like a year and a half hiatus, so hopefully this can go as smoothly as possible.

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