X-Men:The Next Generation

In a world where the people have gaven up on the X-Men, the government forced Xavier to shut down his school for the safety of humanity. Xavier knew one day the world would need his X-Men, so he secretly kept the school open. The school for the gifted is now open, to the next generation.

Jed Sanders/Camo(flamergamer8)
Professor Xavier(flamergamer8)
Matt Jackson/Roughrider(flamergamer8)
Isabella Manning/Purple Heart(ruefan11)
Maya Vera/Phantom Angel(Maya10)
Rosalie Ivy/Black Thorn/Rose(PoisonIvy22)
Rennac Crow/Quark(Rennac)
KC Sanders/Skin Shifter(Archerskyfire)
Rodger Henry/Shadow(Zombiekiller2802)
Jay Dagan/Nightflame(JTthePrince)
Alec Moss/Light(CamXMaya)
Moira Cassidee/Tick Tock(Coolexchangestudent)
Kaitlin Smith/Silver(ba11erina)
Jessica Kulminaro/Synergy(rileythepegasus101)
Mike Cronos/Paralysis(NewNightmare7)
Klaire Jaxxon/Renegade(_ivyyy_445)
Tyler Jacobson/Jax(jbreezy)
Tyson Kaiser/Thunderbird(cjphoenix)

Crystal Sparks/Mother Monster(adamslater19)
Michael Caleb/Memory(moondancer63)
Sophia Cromwell(JustBeAmazing12)
Jason Wolfe/Blaze(flamergamer8)

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X-Men:The Next Generation

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