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2402 days 18 hours ago
I would like to welcome back the Seven members of the Jury who will be voting for the winner.


You seven now have the opportunity to question the Final Two of Elias and Kory. Feel free to say whatever you want. But before you do that please allow the two of them to post their opening statements.

I need all final votes by Saturday August 2nd at 11pm Eastern time. This allows for 3 days and 2 hours of questioning/voting time.

Good luck Finalists!
2402 days 18 hours ago
Tactically, what did you guys do to get here?

Also could you explain exactly how you fulfilled the criteria or winning this game of;

1. Outwitting.
2. Outplaying.
3. Outlasting.
2402 days 17 hours ago
So, never had the honour to give an opening statement, so forgive me, but this is my best.

Due to the inactive kill rate, we hit the tribal switch very early.  Up to that point, I hadn’t really talked much to my tribe, but after getting moved to the cursed Yasur with Kory, then immediately dropping to 2 players, cooperation between the two of us was key.  I vaguely remember talk of an alliance between myself, sparks, maestro, and frozen.  We worked to get jam out, and then crazy.  That left our group of 4, Kory, and rigler.  I barely escaped elimination after a tie vote which sent sparks home.  Up until this point, I feel I had been playing a very quiet game, mostly watching from the back, making small suggestions, but never taking a leading role.  This let me get through like a floater, but while keeping an eye on everything.  The voting at 6 showed that our alliance of 4 was completely destroyed, so I kicked up my game, winning 2 of the last 3 challenges.  The one other time I was at risk, knowing Mastro got a penalty for not participating (I’m sure there’s a story there), I voted for Mastro, knowing I’d get at worst a tie vote, which I felt sure Kory would keep me during.  Likewise, I returned the favor by keeping him safe and bringing him to this final challenge instead of lilrigler.

All said and done, I played a very strong physical game, winning 2 immunities (which, yes, Kory did also), and being a major contributor to my tribes victories in the tribal immunities as well.  My strategic game was…weak, I admit.  I should have gotten out maestro earlier, as mastro played a great game, and would likely have won if they had made ftc.  But I learned, and I did what needed to be done, when it was done. 

I know this game has been awhile, started nearly a month ago.  The 16 day tribal council was brutal.  But if you think back to before the delay, you can see that I played strong, and I mostly played smart, and I feel I played a slightly better game than my partner here.
2402 days 17 hours ago
Tactically?  I played a quiet game, getting in with the big alliance with you early on after the merge (the pre-merge game was almost non-existant, it seems, with so many med-evacs).  I kept the discussion away from Kory, whom I knew would vote with me.  And I won enough late-game challenges to survive when I was in danger. 

As for as the three O's:
Outlast - I've made it this far.  I survived the tie vote, and kept my partner in on a revote.
Outplay - I think that I've done what needs to be done in survivor to stay alive.  I've won a 2/5 individual immunities, and performed well at many challenges. 
Outwit - Truthfully?  Here I didn't do so hot.  I didn't outwit mastro with her idoling.  And perhaps by keeping Kory, I got outwitted by him.  But like any skill, being able to be cunning enough to outwit all of your opponents is a skill that we constantly improve at, and I attempt to do that.
2402 days 17 hours ago
The only reason I was voted out is because Nick threw votes along anywhere, and because he's bitter that I don't give a fuck about his messy group game.
HOWEVER, both of you played pretty well, and I don't care who wins, at all.

I am pissed irl for things that don't need to be discussed on an open public forum, so if you're interested, Feel free to skype me or PM me.
Other than that, congratulations, I mean, you made it to the end of a game with 4 medical evacuations, and about 6-9 people who were either inactive or didn't give a shit. I'm not sure what else to say without publicly attacking most of the contestants and the host, so I'll leave it at this.
I don't have any questions as of now, considering this game was more of a mess than the time that Nick...I don't feel like being banned.
2402 days 11 hours ago
Firstly Elias, Tell Me Why Should I Vote For You To Win Because To Be Honest I Think You Floated Through This Game?
2401 days 20 hours ago
@mastro...I'm sorry you have real life issues going on, and if you want to vent, you can find me on Skype as Elias5891.  And yes, this game had a lot of evacts and inacts, which made getting to the end easy, but less of an accomplishment.
2401 days 20 hours ago
@crazybone5000...You may feel like I floated through this game.  And truthfully, for the early part, I did.  With the evacs and inactive players, it wasn't necessary to form connections...simply being present was enough to make it far.  When it was time to get into the game, I teamed up with a few other players, and we eliminated down to 5 players.  Though I wasn't the chief of the 4 person alliance, neither was Kory.  mastro had that honour, up until we all went our separate ways.  So I definitely don't feel I floated any more than Kory...the nature of the game was just different than normal.
2401 days 14 hours ago
Short and sweet opening statement.  I was super active in this game.  In the beginning there was a definite lack of communication which made me worry a bit, but I made it through.  Not once did I make any promise that I was not able to keep.  I was a very trustworthy ally to a lot of people in this game.  When it came to competitions both Elias and I were pretty evenly matched.  I am not 100% sure so correct me if I am wrong but I also do not think there was a single vote cast to evict me all game?!?!  Maybe?  LOL.  I truly enjoyed this game even tho it had a few hiccups!  Good luck Elias!
2401 days 14 hours ago
Tactically - Once we merged I tried to be a very social player in this game.  I had a line of communication going with most people in here but I had my main people that I was loyal to until the end.

Outwit - I feel like the way I outwitted people in this game was by always making someone else a bigger target than I was.  On my side Mastro was the biggest target so the other side was always after him and never me.  On the other side was Rigler.  He was a huge target to the people I worked with.  By always having a bigger target in this game I kept myself safe.

Outplay - I feel I did pretty well in competitions.  I won 2/5 individual immunities just like Elias did and also helped my tribe in the tribal immunity challenges.

Outlast - I made it here to the end on my own two feet.  I didn't rely on hidden immunity idols or anything like that.

2401 days 14 hours ago
I am gonna respond to Elias' answer to Crazybones question.  I really do not feel like I floated in this game.  I had people that I was loyal to from the get go and was loyal to until the very end.  I did on the other hand try to be social with the people that I was not loyal to in order to keep myself safe, but I don't consider that floating at all.
2401 days 8 hours ago
People you were loyal to from the beginning?  Who were those people?  You were loyal to me, as I was to you, but who else?
2401 days 2 hours ago
I was loyal to you.  And then I was loyal to Mastro.  I teamed up with him about a week into the game and was loyal for the entire season to him as well.
2401 days 2 hours ago
True was rigler and I that voted him out.
And sorry about questionig you, but I figured the jury might be short on people.
2400 days 23 hours ago
No worries at all.
2400 days 20 hours ago
Kory, did we have an "open line of communication" like you say you had with most players? I think we talked only once.  And then I tried talking to you again twice and you never responded. So don't pretend like you were doing shit.
I want to hear exactly how you kept mastro and I in the game so long to be bigger threats than you.

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