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Popularity Contest

The Contest is only in it's testing phase, and here is how the Game rules will start out.

The game will start with 20 people, and right in the beginning of the game, their will be a poll with all 20 people in it. I, the host; will make a  blog asking for tengaged to vote in said poll. After the poll is closed the person with the lowest percentages will be eliminated from the game. If there happens to be a tie for the lowest percentage, those people, no matter how many, will be put into a duel poll. Only the person with the highest percent in the poll will move on. If someone were ever to get 0% there automatically evicted, even if someone else in the poll has 0 percent along with them

This cycle will continue until one remains. Once the game is perfect, I will eventually make this a game, where the winner gets a gift. So help me get this game running

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LOL hi

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PYN if you wanna be in the test Game
7 postsCreated by Zeptis on 4329 days 10 hours ago
Last post by Missalice3
4275 days 11 hours ago

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  1. bjkbonoACTIVE3900 days 7 hours ago
  2. Who do you want to evict?4012 days 2 hours ago

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Popularity Contest

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