Zbase's Survivor Paraguay

16 contestants will be competing in the remote jungle of Paraguay. They will have to battle each other and survive extreme conditions to become the sole survivor! 39 days, 16 castaways, 1 survivor!


There shall be 2 tribes of 8 people, 16 in all. There shall be a challenge at 7:00 EST every day I feel like having a challenge with tribal council right after, 2 or 3 tribes shall win immunity and one shall go to tribal council where they have to vote someone out.

Then the tribes shall merge and you shall compete for individual immunity with everyone going to tribal council. After some time, the last 3(or 2) contestants remaining in the game shall face a jury of their peers, which they directly or indirectly voted off. This jury of their peers shall decide to give one of them 1 MILLION DOLLARS!

Outwit! Outplay! Outlast!


*If you are inactive for a long time then you will be med-evacuated*

*If you are a white level you must add me so I can receive your votes*

Upcoming Seasons:
Survivor : Cameroon
Survivor : Galapagos Islands
Survivor : Mauritius


Tigre (Yellow Buffs):

Agouti (Red Buffs):

Elimination Order:

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