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The Murder House 3- Day 4

The Murder House 3 is a direct sequel to the last season. It takes place 1 year after the events of the last game. 

Welcome to the Murder House!

16 paranormal investigates will enter the house only know as The Murder House. The story of the house is hidden deep with in legend. The only fact is that 13 people died in this house some years ago. One body know how killed them and for what reason.

Who to play

Each day their will be a new killer.  The killer will pick 1 person to be killed off. The House will then have to guess what person is the killer. If the house guess wrong then the killer target will die.  if they guess right the killer will die.

Players alive


Game story

Day 1
Mark of the Killer-Blondelle
Killer found out-no

Day 2
Mark of the Killer-mysterygame2
Killer found out-no

Day 3/4

Mark if the killer-BoyToy4Cato and popcorndude18
Killer found out-no
Killed- BoyToy4Cato,popcorndude18

Featured Players 2 playing

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  5. S2-Day 9/10- Who is the killer(part 1)4185 days 5 hours ago

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The Murder House 3- Day 4

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