Shadow: Shadow Uprising
Every story has its beginning. You have followed The Elementalist throughout there story where they fought The Shadows, The Trials, The First Elementals, and Even endured an Ice Age. As there final Adventure came to an end as they made there way through time. It's time to explore a new story a story that began it at all. The story of how the Negative 5 and Shadow King Rised. What realizations will be revealed as the story of how it all happened is told.

Season 1: (The Shadow)
Ep1: Drain Away
Ep2: Growth
Ep3: Beware of The Shadows
Ep4: Plot Twist
Ep5: The Decent

Season 2: (The Revenants)
Ep6: Remember Me
Ep7: Come To The Light
Ep8: Its a Bird, Its a Plane,Oh Wait A Dragon?
Ep9: Fire Fury
Ep10: Cold Demise

Season 3: (Elemental Trials)
Ep11: Beastly Dinner
Ep12: Harpies Hunting Ground
Ep13: Unity
Ep14: Societal Customs
Ep15: Never Trust a Pirate

Season 4: (Shadow Rebirth)
Ep16: Salamandra
Ep17: Tempest
Ep18: Tundra
Ep19: Striker and Terra-Ble forces
Ep20: Shadow

Season 5: (The Next Generation)
Ep21: Awakening: 12/5
Ep22: Homecoming: 12/8
Ep23: Destruction 12/13
Ep24: Reconstruction 12/16
Ep25: Frost Bite  12/18

Season 6: (Ice Age)
Ep26: Flying Chunks
Ep27: Winter Wonderland
Ep28: Artic Suprise
Ep29: Time Jump

Season 7: Blast from the Past
Ep30: Back At Square 1
Ep31: Death Valley
Ep32: One on One
Ep33: Save the Future
Ep34: The End ;)


Season 8: Shadow Uprising
Ep35: Discovery
Ep36: Negative 5
Ep37: Stipulation
Ep38: Shadow King

Cast: "*" Means Two Elements "S" Summoner (Read Level limitations)

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Shadow Uprising: Finale: Shadow King
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Shadow Uprising: Episode 3 Stipulation
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Shadow Uprising: Episode 2 Negative 5
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Shadow Uprising: Episode 1 Discovery
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