Whodunnit? - A MURDER MYSTERY - Season 1

15 people will enter the Hope Manor for a dinner party, but little do they know, it’s gonna be a murder mystery!

DJ2722 - Lexi Waters 
Novamax243 - Max
IceBeast - Will 
Coyle14 - Cole
Mysterygame2 - Nolan
LEANNA - Leanna *resurrected*

15th. Fell6 - Jennifer - Hit in the head with a trophy, placed in an axe trap outside the library.

14th. Obstreperous - Garret - Neck snapped, and other minor injuries acquired while water was being forced down his throat in a drowning attempt. His mouth was stitched shut afterwards.

13th. BritishRomeo17 - Hali - Blown up in shed explosion.

12th. LEANNA - Leanna - Shot in the back of the neck with an electric dart. *RESURRECTED*

11th. Kelly0412 - Benjamin Carey-Spears - Fell off balcony

10th/9th - Harrywasnak & JetsRock12 - Harry & AJ - Poisoned with arsenic, but since their suits were rubbed with deli meat they got eaten alive by dogs.

8th - MJFJUNE - Zyler - Fire exploded in his face after triggering a pressure plate.

7th - Matedog1209 - Reese - Frozen to death with liquid nitrogen.

6th - Zuelke - Mama Z - TBD


Cole was the killer
Lexi Waters was the real villain
Will was the hero

Lexi Waters likely was going to win

Shoutout to Zuelke for inspiring this in the first place!

Rules :
Every round will start with a death.

The remaining players must decide whether they want to investigate the crime scene, the last known whereabouts, or the morgue.

I’ll give you the information found at your selected room, and it’s up to you who you give this information out to and if you tell them the truth or not. (This is where alliances could come into play!)

After you gather all your information, you will come to me with your theory. This theory will be what you think went down every round (details are important!) and who you think dunnit.

Every round we will reward the person who got it most close to the actual crime... who is spared... and the 2 or more people that are... SCARED. And one OR MORE of the people who are... SCARED....... will die.

Select rounds there will be a challenge - likely a riddle or puzzle - that will lead to EXTRA HIDDEN SECRETS AND CLUES... but those will be not given our every single round.

Very straight forward game!

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Whodunnit? - A MURDER MYSTERY - Season 1

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