Survivor Africa APPS OPEN!!

The Third Season is Currently taking Applications. In what is going to be one of the most active seasons in the history of survivor, who will win? 16 ordinary human beings will test their limits through wit, strength and skill. Only 1 can win!!

Season Feautures (Explained in a Forum Post)
- Treemail
- Camera Talk
- Family/Friend Challenge
- Season-Long Poll Votes
- Maximum Crowd Participation
- Variety of Challenges
- More Intense Than Ever Tribal Councils
- Secret Camps Where only your tribe can see what's going on!

Rule #1 - Don't leave group if you don't get picked and then come back once apps are open again.. I will remember you

Rule #2 - Ask for my permission to send a topic in my forum before doing it! I will say yes.

Rule #3 - Respect your host.. No need to respect your opponents :P

Rule #4 - Don't get banned, and stay as active as possible ;-)

Coming Soon to you....
Survivor Africa (December 17th)
Survivor Marquesas (January 22nd)
Survivor Thailand (February 27th)
Survivor Amazon (March 14th)
Survivor Pearl Islands (April 18th)

Season 1 - Survivor Borneo
Winner - BBlover96
RunnerUp - InfamousAJP
Favourite - soccerbchris

Season 2 - Australian Outback
Winner - Minka
Favourite - BENLINUS

Featured Players 3 playing

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Survivor: Africa (APPS OPEN)
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2979 days 17 hours ago

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  1. Immunity Challenge 3108 days 18 hours ago
  2. Villain of the Season3132 days 17 hours ago
  3. Hero of the Season3132 days 17 hours ago
  4. Favourite Player of the Season3132 days 17 hours ago
  5. Who Deserves Top 3?3142 days 10 hours ago

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Survivor Africa APPS OPEN!!

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