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2578 days 11 hours ago
Talk for the best Role Play group here. Only groups taking place during January are eligible. Reasons why would be nice.
2578 days 7 hours ago
This group should win because it is so action packed fun and very active
2577 days 10 hours ago
The Originals-

This group should be nominated, actually should win, this award because not only is it based off of one of my favorite television shows, the host makes the game as fun as possible for everyone, and keeps the suspense level up. I race to the group as soon as I get the mail that a new episode is up. Favorite RPG I've seen on the site by far.
2575 days 20 hours ago
There is so much roleplaying to do with this group, since the actual Gameplay goes through PM's, the Roleplay is there for fun, and it is SO MUCH DAMN FUN!!!
2572 days 7 hours ago
Cartoon Deathwork:

While this season hasn't officially started yet, I played in season 1 (A tale, dark and Grimm) and it was SOOOO fun. Dejaman is a wonderful host. He runs the group very smoothly, keeps the twists coming at a steady rate. And just makes it a fun experience for everyone.

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