so when are we getting tsc best of 2017

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60 days 9 hours ago
37 days 6 hours ago
37 days 3 hours ago
🤷🏻‍♀️ Hope it’s soon. Miss you guys
36 days 4 hours ago
36 days 3 hours ago
I miss all my TSC cuties :(
33 days 17 hours ago
31 days 19 hours ago
getting withdrawal symptoms!!
31 days 17 hours ago
I can't wait for this to start with how I got a bunch of songs waiting to flop!
22 days 18 hours ago
Hola :'D

So quick poll. How are we feeling about the 'Best of' competition? Do you guys want it? In my mind we have three options:

1. We host the usual best of competition with two semi-finals (splitting the year in half) and players have the potential to have two songs in the final.

2. We all just enter our favourite song this year and just have one contest.

3. We skip the best of and launch back into normal contests.

Nothing has been decided, so please feel free to post your honest opinion.

Catchy :)
22 days 16 hours ago
I'm still down to "Best Of" if others are -- either option is fine.

And we all agree that "New Rules" won Record of the Year, right? Yes? Yes! Thanks for the input.
22 days 13 hours ago
Please do a best of TSC 2017 and best of 2017 in general

I’m not picky about format
22 days ago
I'm down with skipping Best of and ROTY but don't care much
21 days 19 hours ago
i want to do the best of contest so bad. please do it
21 days 9 hours ago
I vote for the first option.
20 days 19 hours ago
Check your mails guys :)
18 days 20 hours ago
ive been so busy doing nothing that i havent looked in for a few days and missed this poll!! but im really happy that we are finally back

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