Big Brother Dixie

Big Brother Dixie is a Big brother game LIKE NO OTHER... Completely new rules, coupled with a compressed eviction cycle will mean absolute anarchy for our house guests!

Big Brother Dixie returns to the houseguests, and gives the power back to them. The game Comprises of three days.

Day A- Rate, and Determine Council
Day B- Noms.
DayC- +/- and evict.

BBD focuses on the house as a whole. So, on day A, Housemates will rank their fellow housemates from one to the total number of house guests. The number ranked is added for each player, and becomes their score. This is very important as the score determines who is evicted along as who eventually wins.
The Council is comprised of an odd number of house guests, and the council as a whole determine two nominees. The council is merely determined on day A, but on day B, they vote to nominate some of their fellow house guests.  By some form, a third house guest will be nominated ending day B.
Day C is eviction day. one houseguest will win the ability to heavily alter one houseguest's score by either adding or subtracting points. After this, every houseguest who has not been a part of that week's council, nominated, or won the score alter er, will vote to add, subtract, or leave alone a small amount to a nominated houseguest's score. After, eviction takes place. Whomever has the highest score of the three nominees will be evicted.

Good luck house guests... Muahahahah!!

Coming Soon!

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Big Brother Dixie

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