back to our roots, why not

This is Tayvie's Drag Race where I am looking for the next drag superstar! They will have to display charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to claim the crown!

Do you have what it takes to be Drag's next supahstar!?

the queens
®éñéé Éñt®éé (TheGoodMan)
3 Leg Sin Clair (Zuelke)
Maritza Sparx (Analiese)
Princess Klementine (Queenisha)

5th: Alexa Von (AlexaVonTrayne)
6th: I'm Tikal (Mahogany)
7th: Kimourah (Rory17)
8th: Himiko Yumeno (Cyrus)
9th: Becca Blackbird (DrJean)
10th: Wonky Lash (Turkeylover)
11th: Hodessa Plelvet (Olympia)
12th: Miraja (DragRaceHenny)
13th: Mochi (Trash)
14th: Berry Good (KingGeek)
15th: Eggtrina (Rollingderp)
16th: Madawna (Shangelahhh)


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11. runway
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10. runway
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