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Episode 4: It Rises

Topic » Episode 4: It Rises

1298 days 5 hours ago
~The Scene Zooms in on Kiana and Ace~

*Ace lays on a Tarp looking from afar focused in on a East End Warehouse*

Kiana: You really brought a tarp to avoid laying on the ground

*She smiles taking a shot then sees Ace zoned out*

Oh yea the sense thing...let's just see what we have here

*She brings her binoculars up to her eyes*

~The Screen would begin to zoom on the Warehouse~

Kiana: *Jumps startled dropping her binoculars*

Holy shit

Ace: *Gets up immediately looking at Kiana*

Kiana: That's the cue to get the fuck out of her

*She runs with ace to the vehicle and the zoom off*

~Breacher X would be standing from afar he would jump to where Ace and Kiana were~

Breacher X: *Grabs the tarp and begins seeing the germs infested on it and he takes a big smell of it getting Ace's scent*

~The Screen would go black~
1298 days 5 hours ago
December 3rd.

Weather: Snow Fall

Thea (Voiceover): The snow has began to fall and my hope of seeing my father and Doctor Lavendar anytime soon weakens. There has been no sight of either of them and my power are getting more out of control as each day passes I feel energy building and it won’t go away....I just want to explode

Opal (Voiceover): These Earthlings just sit and wait for there problems to solve themselves. The Mob has been quite for months after that huge explosion on one of their warehouses. They already tried to kill us Metas and Breachers once when will they try it again....

Kiana (Voiceover): Snow....makes my work a lot harder. But What i can’t get out of my mind is what me and Ace saw months ago. With all the work I have been doing on the Mob nothing leads back to what that thing was. Are they all connected if they are I’m going to be the one to find out

~The Scene would show snow fall outside a window~

This Episode:

-Event Today 4 Pm Pac 7 Pm EST:
Snow Fall Festival

-Episode will either Close Thursday or Friday depending when I have time to do an Ending scene with majority of the cast

(Don’t post til Wednesday 12 Pm Pac)
1298 days 4 hours ago
(yes Thea slay that voiceover! 😂 can’t waaaait)
1297 days 17 hours ago
~Posting May begin~
1297 days 16 hours ago
Chris: *Walks outside looking at the snow filled lawn*

Running on snow never seems like a safe idea
1297 days 16 hours ago
*Chris feels a snowball lightly smack him in the chest*
1297 days 16 hours ago
*Chris jumps back at the feel of cold and circles around the suspect with his speed piling them in snow*



Julie: *Walks our to the fire escape looking around*
1297 days 16 hours ago
*Karter chuckles, shaking snow off himself*

"New way to announce my entrance, you like it?"
1297 days 16 hours ago
*Thea does a snow angel*
1297 days 16 hours ago
*  noam walks outside his house*
1297 days 16 hours ago
Chris: Sneaking up on people and being invisible not creepy at all who knows what else you do
1297 days 16 hours ago
*sits outside watching people*
1297 days 16 hours ago
Karter: I don't know, maybe you can be the one to finally figure me out?

*wraps his arms around Chris, pulling him close*
1297 days 16 hours ago
Haha who knows only time will tell

*He laughs*

You’re really cold
1297 days 16 hours ago
Karter: I haven't checked what the temperature is out here.

*he kisses Chris lightly on the cheek*

"Does that make me feel any warmer?"
1297 days 16 hours ago
*Nikki walks through the snow, her bag slung over her shoulder as she walks*
(Not sure exactly what time it is, like if they're supposed to be going to the labs for work or mot 😂😂)

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