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The Remains

There will be various challenges throughout the course of this game. After every challenge, there will be one (1) winner.

This person will then send 2 contestants into "the remains" where they will be up for elimination. The first person to finish the remains correctly will stay in the game, the other will be going home.

Heres the twist:
Before each remains, the winner of the challenge must BET on who they think will win. If they are correct, the same format of the game will continue. BUT if they are wrong, then they will automatically be sent into the remains, therefore the winner of the next challenge will only send in 1 person.

The last person standing will be the first winner of... The Remains!!!!!

Current Challenge Winner:

Players selected to go into The Remains:
Elimination Order:
1. LaQuawnda
2. Swimboy818
3. HockeyyGirrl
4. p0tt34
5. ronron313
6. ryguy
7. Apachi
8. itsahmed
9. Toonboom
10. ChapStique

Featured Players 4 playing

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Challenge 11
3 postsCreated by Dwyer10 on 5082 days 19 hours ago
Last post by Deetster
5082 days 2 hours ago
challenge 10
1 postCreated by Dwyer10 on 5086 days ago
Last post by Dwyer10
5086 days ago
Challenge 8
8 postsCreated by Dwyer10 on 5093 days 1 hour ago
Last post by Kahili
5091 days 21 hours ago
Challenge 7
9 postsCreated by Dwyer10 on 5096 days 19 hours ago
Last post by itsahmed
5095 days 14 hours ago
Challenge Winners
3 postsCreated by Dwyer10 on 5096 days 21 hours ago
Last post by Dwyer10
5096 days 18 hours ago

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  1. Challenge 105086 days ago
  2. Challenge 45101 days ago
  3. Winner of Challenge 25103 days 19 hours ago

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The Remains

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