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Sixth Chavllenge: Bluds 4 lyf

Topic » Sixth Chavllenge: Bluds 4 lyf

5324 days 5 hours ago
As we all know, the first part of the contest was all about creativity. This second part has been all about being strategic, because chavs are all strategerical and I love a good challenge.

This penultimate chavllenge will test your strategy the most. You have a chance to prevent other players from making it into the final. Two of you will be safe and automatically make it to the finals. The rest will face the final deliberation.

This is a little game that is called Ready! Aim! Fire!

We will do two rounds of it. The winner of each round will be safe.
5324 days 5 hours ago
This game is all about shooting each other like proper chavs would try. The idea is to survive the longest.

You have three actions:

1) Shoot (player X): You shoot player X. If player X does not shoot him/herself - then you kill player X. You still are vulnerable to others shooting you though.

2) Shoot self: If anyone tries to shoot you when you shoot yourself, then you end up killing all those that shoot at you AND you stay alive. However, if no one shoots you when you shoot yourself, you will die.

3) Shoot air: You don't shoot anyone. You still are vulnerable to others shooting you though.

This continues until one person remains. If everyone dies during one move, then everyone who was alive that move gets revived.

PM all actions ASAP. I'll announce the actions of each move after I get all of them.

Questions, ask me.
5324 days 5 hours ago
For example:

Player A shoots air.
Player B shoots self.
Player C shoots B.
Player D shoots B.
Player E shoots C.

Player B reflects the shots at him and kills C and D. Player E shoots C's dead body. A B E remain.

Next move:

Player A shoots self.
Player B shoots E.
Player E shoots air.

Player A suicides. Player B kills E. Player B wins.
5324 days 3 hours ago
oh man!
5324 days 1 hour ago
5323 days 20 hours ago
5323 days 20 hours ago
OOOooooh, you guys are vicious.

Kaffreya decides to go after another player, he walks around and stalks his prey as he clutches onto the neon purple buttplug that he intends to use to shoot his target. He sees the elusive BlueStar in the distance. He cocks the buttplug and throws it at BlueStar.

However, BlueStar knew to anticipate some action and she puts up her bottle, pours a shot and gives it to herself. By shooting herself, the purple buttplug actually rebounds and goes back and knocks out Kaffreya in the eye. Kaffreya faints. However, TheGreatXL decides that it would be a great time to take out his newest Shayne Ward EP and breaks it over Kaffreya, since shooting Kaffreya was his aim.

The other three players gather in a circle and decide to gossip about what things they love about pablito. oleary91 talks about how he loves it when pablito makes fun of his chavvy ways. Emmaleigh talks about how she loves pablito's love for Stella...or was it Yuengling. And cheznahuf talks about he loves that pablito grades Spanish homework for him. But then they realise that they all can't have pablito together. They are sad. :( Then they decide the best thing to do would be to shoot themselves. They mass suicided and shot themselves.

Therefore dead in this round are: Emmaleigh (self), oleary91 (self), cheznahuf (self), Kaffreya (XL).

Remaining are BlueStar and TheGreatXL. this round will continue until only one remains. That person is safe. Once that happens then the next round begins with Emmaleigh, oleary91, cheznahuf, Kaffreya and the loser.
5323 days 19 hours ago
5323 days 19 hours ago
Rah rah rah
5323 days 15 hours ago
5323 days 14 hours ago
5323 days 13 hours ago
TheGreatXL hems and haws about what he'll do. Shall I make a photoshopped picture of himself and Shayne at the mall? or at the park? at the mall? at the park? He decides that maybe he'll do the best of both worlds! He'll photoshop a picture of them in XL's bed. Anyway, then he decides to shoot the air.

BlueStar had a different idea though. She shot TheGreatXL. He's dead now.

BlueStar is the winner of this round, she is safe.

One more person will be safe, the rest of you go for deliberation.

Emmaleigh, Kaffreya, cheznahuf, oleary91 and TheGreatXL - please send in next actions.
5323 days 11 hours ago
Oh wow!! XL Im so sorry for shooting you... :(
5323 days 10 hours ago
lol, I wrote that entry when I was half awake, but now that I read it again, wow, it works on so many extra levels ;)
5323 days 7 hours ago
LOL. Ow. :|
5323 days 5 hours ago
Kaffreya wanted revenge. He knew exactly what needed to happen. He needed to shoot TheGreatXL. Kaffreya doesn't like dem bishes who shoot him. Kaffreya took his 44 magnum and started polishing the barrel with his handkerchief. What Kaffreya didn't know though was that the stealthy cheznahuf was right behind him. cheznahuf was brandishing a sawed-off shotgun and was about to cock the trigger.

Kaffreya knew what he had to do though. He shot at TheGreatXL before cheznahuf could get his shot. However, Kaffreya was quite amused when he realised that he was not dead from cheznahuf's shot. cheznahuf was aiming at TheGreatXL all this time as well.

Little did both guys know that TheGreatXL thought that a world without Shayne Ward was not worth it and was about to shoot himself. TheGreatXL pulled the trigger and magically nothing happened. Instead both cheznahuf and Kaffreya had a healthy dose of death on their heads.

At that moment Emmaleigh was trying to figure out what her next move would be. Last time she joined in a suicide pact with the others and she wasn't so sure that it would be the best move again. oleary91 was contemplating the same action sequence. Both knew that they had to eliminate the other to be able to win the final safe spot. And they each knew that the other would shoot at the other. Therefore, Emmaleigh took her gun, aimed at herself and blasted herself away. oleary91 started laughing, but he aimed the gun at himself as well and pulled the trigger.

TheGreatXL - after being such a target this round laughed to himself, took out a picture of Shayne's armpits and revelled in being safe this round and getting to the finals.

Dead - Emmaleigh (self), oleary91 (self), Kaffreya (rebound-XL), cheznahuf (rebound-XL).

This chavellenge is over.

Both BlueStar and TheGreatXL are safe.

Please post your plea in the deliberation thread as soon as you can. One or two of you will be eliminated before the finals. It all depends on the quality of the speeches.

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