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4682 days 22 hours ago
Hello and thanks for joining Random Roleplay!  The following are the general rules and guidelines for this fantastical group of epicness.
1- ONLY say/do here what you'd say/do to your own parent/sibling/third-cousin removed/empty soda can.  Thus ANY and ALL inappropriate posts that violate the tengaged TOS will NOT be permitted.  So unless you wish to end up in Banned Land watch what you say.
2- If someone gets loud with you (a.k.a. types in all caps) you are more than welcome to get loud too.  DO NOT be shy.
3- Spam is meant to be eaten not posted.  DO NOT post more than four times consecutively or you WILL be removed from the group and possibly eaten by ShayyBayy.
4- Be as realistic when role playing as possible.  (i.e. If you're a Unicorn you like magical rainbow dust NOT sticky spider-webs.)  Following this rule will make the experience all the more life-like for everyone.
5- NO Gary/Mary-Sues!!!  We mean it.  (seriously)
6- Have fun!  DO NOT let others prevent you from doing so.  Remember, here anything is possible and NO ONE likes a Debby Downer.
Thank you and again, welcome to Random Roleplay.  :)
4682 days 22 hours ago
4682 days 22 hours ago
4682 days 22 hours ago

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