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HGTT Random Org Stars! Speed

HGTT’s Speedy Stars

1st - Lbrice
2nd -  pit0709
3rd - Orfidal
4th - Scooby69
5th - Laneyrue
6th - Mackey (against Lbrice)
7th - ikaw0ng ( against Scooby69)
8th - sevillana25 (against Pit)
9th - SmellyPoosay (against Mackey)
10th - Minie (Against Laneyrue)

Season 5

1st - SmellyPoosay
2nd - Scooby69
3rd - Tone
4th - TheDemonicM (Against Tone)
5th - Uqqn71 (100% against Smellypoosay)
6th - Galaxies (60% against Scooby)
7th - Kaylee17 (50% against TheDemonicM)
8th - Fetish (66% against Tone)


1st Looana
Joint 2nd - Pit0709 & Cazweet
4th sevillana25 (66% to evict against cazweet)
5th Fendimania (82% to evict against Pit)
6th lbrice (52% to evict against looana)
7th Diva_ (50% random org against Serv)
8th Daleariel (87.5 against Fendi)
9th Tefao (70% against Cazweet)


1st Cromatique
2nd Haliem24
3rd Hunty
4th Maria21 (Against Cromatique)
5th Covid19 (against Haliem24)
6th Girlinred (Against Cromatique)
7th Laneyrue (Against Haliem24)
8th Covid19 (against Maria21)
9th Ikaw0ng (Against Girlinred)
10th AbioticSands (against Hunty)
11th Cocacola (Against Covid19)


8th Top20Fan33 (100% to evict against Maria21)
7th Randomize (100% to evict against GirlinRed
6th Covid19 (50% Random org against Girlinred)
5th Alex_Naf (100% Against Hunty)
4th Orifdal (AgainstbGirlinred)
3rd Girlinred (20% to win)
TIE WINNERS - Maria21 & Hunty


9th Kopycat ( against Minie)
8th LooseyLaduca (against Cromatique)
7th CountrySavage (Random org decided against AbioticSand)
6th AJO5137 (against Penguinowen126)
5th Olympia (Against Cromatique)
4th Minie (against Penguin)
3rd PenguinOwen (0% to win)
2nd AbioticSand
1st Cromatique

11th Cocacola (75% against RiverElliottM)
10th Cullenhi (66% against Dimitra)
9th Funny (50% RANDOM ORG CHOOSE)
8th RiverElliotM (100% against haliem24)
7th AliBonico (66% against Ika)
6th Fendimania (100% against Laneyrue)
5th Haliem24 (50% Random Org against Mackey)
4th Dimitria (66.6% against Laneyrue)
3rd ikaw0ng 0% votes to win
2nd Mackey 28.6 to win
1st Laneyrue 71.4% to win

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HGTT Random Org Stars! Speed

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