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Blind Audition 1 - LeAnn Rimes

Topic » Blind Audition 1 - LeAnn Rimes

11 days 7 hours ago
11 days 7 hours ago

*doesn't press the button*

WOAHH!! I really enjoyed this audition and your voice just cuts through like butter. I'm 100% digging the vibe that you're going through and I see you moving far with the right song choices, this is more-so not my style and I feel like other coaches WILL DEFINITELY be interested in you. Reality is that I have 7 spots on my team, so right off the bat I'm going to be selective :)
11 days 2 hours ago
*doesnt press button*
11 days ago

Your voice is so heavenly. This was such a beautiful performance that I had to listen to it TWICE!

Your voice is just absolutely precious and I am so glad to have you here this season! You are super underrated and I am ready to embark on this journey with you this season!

Come on over to #TeamAkshar!
10 days 13 hours ago

LeAnn, really excited to see you here! I remember you killing it on a singing competition called The Masked Singer as the Sun, and I know you SLAYED that season. If you can win that, then I KNOW you can win this too, which is why I need you on my team!

I believe I am familiar with a few show stopping performances from you, and I know that I can help you get to the end. So PLEASE let the stars align and become the first member of #TeamRyan!!!
10 days 8 hours ago
LeAnn who will you be choosing? #TeamAkshar or #TeamRyan?
9 days 20 hours ago
I feel Ryan will be best for Miss Leann

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