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Big Brother: Free Agents *GIFT PRIZE*

Welcome to the first season of my Big Brother series where 16 contestants will compete to become the last person standing. Along the way they’ll face twists and turns that'll surely cause chaos in the game. Do you have what it takes to win Big Brother? Apply now!

Format: BBUS/BBCAN rules.

Agent Twist: Each round after the HoH comp, someone will earn Agent status which means they'll have the option of taking immunity OR make a 3rd nominee. If this 3rd nominee happens to win veto, they can't make a replacement thus leaving 2 nominees on the block.

Four Special Powers will be given out within the first 4 weeks. (In no particular order)
- Veto Power: choose either diamond, double, or boomerang veto that must be used within the first 3 rounds including the round you collected it.
- Replay Power: can be used any time in the game, this allows the user to play again in HoH if they already had it the previous round.
- Nightmare Power: this allows the user to save themself and another from the block, keeping them safe for the week. Must be used before final 7.
- Twin Power: this allows the user to become Co-HoH, must be used before final 6.

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Big Brother: Free Agents *GIFT PRIZE*

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