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The Island Format

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27 days 10 hours ago
There are 8 Keys

Each Round, the house will select 3 people to participate in a face-off.  This will be decided by public voting in the forum before the challenge starts.

The winner of that face-off will receive a key after winning.

The two losers are sent to an elimination vote, where the house publicly votes out one of them, and the face-off winner only votes in the event of a tie.  The survivor of the vote gets a key.  These votes will be done by PM, but all votes will be revealed.

You can’t have multiple keys, and if eliminated with one, you must will it to another person.

After all the keys are taken.  If the winner of the face-off does not have one, they get to STEAL one after the elimination ceremony, and the survivor of the vote does NOT get a key. 

Right before the finale, the people without keys have a chance to win a special 9th key, while the losers of that challenge are eliminated.  The final 9 will put themselves in 3 teams of 3 for the final, and the winning 3 win The Island.

If someone doesn’t vote twice for elimination, they will be medically removed from the game.

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