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  1. FlickgamecolinSTAR. ME
  2. EliOrtiz1234
  3. obey_meDanny is still waiting Lasvegas has quit your frat. Eliotortz. What is happening? TRAGIC
  4. LasVegas@Obey_me Thunper is a good person why would you vote her out ={
  5. obey_meWe don't cheat like your frat. Plus we have only been around a few months. Unlike your frat which is on the slide. Your aspirants have been waiting far too long. Tragic
  6. EliOrtiz123413 reasons why 0/6
  7. obey_meYes thumper got beat and sooked. I get great comfort in knowing that urging my frat to vote her out helped. :)
  8. anthonyyObeyme shut the FUCK up
  9. LasVegasStar me in!
  10. obey_meAspirants come to a real frat. You a been waiting too long.
  11. LasVegasOk hi
  12. maturoget the hell outta here
  13. obey_mePATHETIC
  14. Geazybeast21good week

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