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Fraternity Merry Pranksters

Merry Pranksters, brought to you in part by Intrepid Trips Inc. and the Nowhere Mine, we've got bubblegum wrappers, we're going to jerk it out from under the world... working at the nowhere mine...

Tune into our radio stations K-LSD and K-LAD...

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Public Comments

  1. ZurksSure, anything with you!
  2. 2cool4schoolI'm on the tearjerker genre, ready for a good time?
  3. ZurksIf you want to watch something make a pick and I am there :)
  4. 2cool4schoolWith whom?
  5. ZurksThank you for accepting me. I'm ready for my Netflix date now!
  6. 2cool4schoolI starred Shane over you.
  7. ZurksI am here for my netflix date and wardrobe update.
  8. 2cool4schoolYou gotta keep smiling through the thunder and lightning.

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Min. votes to continue: 1

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