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Fraternity Making Leverage

Frat was founded 6-23-2014 by makingallfall2.
1. Fastings games- several directions to follow during fastings!
(a) Never leave a frat member while active in a game meaning if you are at 0 mins under avitar and not nominating or voting is violating frat rules...
(b) The old method "I can't vote" is dumb because there is a method for this in this frat
(c) If in a fasting with 3 and you have an alliance of 4 you do not have to take the frat member to the finals if you find that the non-frat member was loyal in business within the group! (Please respect the ones that work with you)...
(d) If more than 3 members join a fasting together always remember someone is eating the poison because only 3 can even make finals! (In other words don't come mailing me that someone was not loyal)
(e) You must work together no matter what, there is no "I" have a final 2 when in fact there are 3 that make finals...

2. Castings games- are more idividual styled, if you are in a game you must plus up your frat mate as this is violating frat rules.
(a) First come first serve to keys and apples... Its your game as well as the other members... Never leave a key out for even a frat member to get... Be as greedy as you want with keys... Same with apples except if you are fully stocked on apples, then you don't have to be greedy...
(b) If your member is up for nomination it is your job to give them the lowest points for saftey and not your job to campaign with the cast to keep them as they will probably be evicted anyway...

3. Frookies games- Are the President's nightmare with members... Its a tough game with alot of shade... Do not Whine if you are not ready for this type of game; however if you feel that you are ready to play a frookies then simply work with your frat members to the end... If you make Jury it is your responsibility to always vote your frat member to win... NO EXCEPTIONS....
(a) Violations occur during these games when frat member noms another frat member as it will not be tolerated and is usually backed up by game information...
(b) PoV is your work and not your frat members, it is entirely up too you if you want to use it on them, but if you decide not to use it on a frat member then it is a violation of rules to even use the PoV. (If your not going to PoV your frat member don't use PoV at all)

4. Crookies games- Always align with your frat members... Vote accordingly to keeping them around and Use PoV on frat members... Just simple loyalty in this game!

5. Survivor games- This is a team game not a frat game if you happen to be the lowest in competitions always keep in mind it is a TEAM GAME! Obviously if the tribe is voting out your frat member you do not have to cast a vote! Never Kpell in a game I freaking can not stand kpellers with bitter attitudes... Survivor games are great even if you do not merge it gives you better practice with each comp...

6. The Hunger Games- Its last man standing anyway so.... Fight on against or with each other!

7. Stars Games- If your frat member is in Stars you are expected too follow and support your fellow frat mate, but please try not to join together as it will be a conflict of interest in the game and in the frat!

8. Other Rules are to star each member in when I say so... Be active... Play hard... Follow game rules... First ban you will be accepted back, second ban you will not. (Remember Integrity to the site and to the members of your frat)... No arguing in frat chat EVER! Take it amongst yourselves on skype or inbox!

President - sexyduffy ///
Vice President- jsylvia76 /
The Torque- akornz /
The Power- numy123
The Force- Brandon7d
The Load- KarateKid1994 /
The Energy- DanielKing
The Mass- Fernando

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  1. sweetgirls1008PLEASE SAVE JGOODIES
  2. sweetgirls1008
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  4. sweetgirls1008
  5. sweetgirls1008
  6. sweetgirls1008
  7. sweetgirls1008please plus and support him in stars .. please
  8. makingallfall2LoL
  9. ticofernandezClinton/gore*
  10. ticofernandezBrian and jaime are the best president/vice pres combo since cling/gore lol
  11. Brandon7Dstar me please
  12. numy123Can y'all star me please!!!!!
  13. akornzstar me in plz
  14. sweetgirls1008
  15. sexyduffyhey dear<3 miss ya alll!!!!

President of Making Leverage

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