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  1. bbbethHey, ya'll! Season 1 of Beth's Big Brother is here! Semi/Non-Live Competitions Big Brother Format Played on Skype Application: Facebook Group: Applications Close: November 1st Game Starts: November 8th
  2. Pocahontasbrestrellas me
  3. krissin4 estrellas mas :)
  4. Richard_asdquítate tu que llegó la caballota
  5. Daisyjaneestrellas plis! :)
  6. KidDrift76
  7. KidDrift76
  8. xchristian8Darme estrellas plsss
  9. xchristian8Vamosssss
  10. luanbsoooi <3
  11. Criis88klk gente:)
  12. ChristanPotenzafuk this
  13. ChristanPotenzapolsz plsz me pick me vote me in
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  15. ChristanPotenzavote for me plsz

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1 Adee7, Oct 17, 2019

Gift me "Grey Oversized Sweater" before your death
Thx - You have to spend the money. La Rosalia

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