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  1. Criis88klk gente:)
  2. ChristanPotenzafuk this
  3. ChristanPotenzapolsz plsz me pick me vote me in
  4. ChristanPotenza h h hji jhn n j bvnk bnkb nk bnjk bvnk bvn nk vckf v ij bhg bh m m , n nj n n nhjmn jh mhkmghn mnnbvj bvnnjb njbbnjk bnnjkb fnkbnkj n hgm jmjmhhjm mh,,k,kghj,h lkjm ml,n nk n,lbnlm,nbnmlbml mkl, mnkml lghk kjgghk, k,lgh kkoko k mhm,lhnlm, m,l , jhhj h j j jh kj nmj m mnjhjm nb
  5. ChristanPotenzavote for me plsz
  6. Kiara_xoxoCute name
  7. SugarCrashMe dais estrellas o qué capullos
  8. Jess1Dadme estrellas que tengo q comenzar mi nueva vida aquí :(
  9. abrogatedStrawberri, carliitosd are pathetic scum of the earth
  10. Garnetholi soy dorian
  11. CarliitosDDadme estrella cabronessss
  13. GraNaiNoDadme estrellas perras, que me amáis y lo sabéis :*
  14. Decisionsyo no soy de españa
  15. Jacadeuxone of my favorite songs:

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3 Allison, Aug 19, 2019

of my old boss and manager 3 years ago when they saw a new worker named Allison was magically working because I signed into shifts online accidentally with my tengaged gmail.

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