Fraternity Bible Study

1. Thou shalt be no inbreeding with other members
2. Thou shalt not be leaving the holy chat called Bible Study
3. Thou shalt not physically contact that can lead to someone getting moist with other members in the chat, even if it is a one night stand
4. Thou shalt not impersonate Jesus
5. Thou shalt not say the s*x word
6. Thou shalt abide when a member has a child they will make that respective child a skype and that child shall be added to the chat
7. Thou shalt be a Catholic Icons Only
8. Thou shall only ask everyone for nudes twice per day. (nudes must show every inch the Lord created)
9. Thou shalt not show any skin above the ankles - this rule is voided when sending the nudes that are accepted in Rule 8
10. Thou shalt only be WHITES ONLY (Will you are the only exception)
11. Thou shalt not In the Lord's House participate in any SINS as they shall not be tolerated under any circumstance
12. Thou shalt not get any person to use the unlawful abomination called Cheat Engine against any fellow Christ lover - breaking of this rule will result in immediate & permanent Exile in HELL!

BONUS RULE: We must love and worship our Anthem:
Carrie Underwood - Jesus Take The Wheel

- baza76
- BrenLa
- Gigi10
- IceBeast
- jdog
- OysterMan11
- shyannemystik
- tofutime

Day5 HOH Oysterman11 has nominated Don_Draper and beyoncehoe
Day5 POV Don_Draper has saved Don_Draper from the block
Day5 HOH Oysterman11 has selected final nominees GiGi10 and beyoncehoe
Day5 Participants evicted GiGi10

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  1. MarlakkStar me in idiots
  2. Poppylugai want to be a member
  3. QweenAarynI want to join this frat please.
  4. lmaobrit2214I'm not sure how to feel about this, whether its making fun of religion or not
  5. Poppylugaheyy
  6. Poppylugahey

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