We rarely drink beer but when we do it isnt corona

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  1. lmaobrit2214heyyy
  2. systrixim back :* star me in <3
  3. ThorfHello there
  4. mbarnish1Star me in before I beat your sorry asses
  5. mbarnish1Grrr
  6. JayglezstI want back in!!@
  7. boicam77Was asked to join
  8. JayglezstYou guys are awful!!! I'm leaving
  9. pinkiepie512OH LMFAO I read that completely wrong!!! *screams*
  10. maturoLOL i meant ok grace we will star you and Itold Jay to go away
  11. pinkiepie512maturook grace and jay go away I- Hun you asked me LMAO!!! XDD
  12. maturook grace and jay go away
  13. pinkiepie512Star me y'all!!!
  14. JayglezstLet me in!!!
  15. SlutishaOMannHi hi

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